um, no.

whew – in a much better place today! this is going to sound 235897343% ridiculous, but yesterday i was in a funk partly because LOST was over. i am weirdly attached to jack… i had the same problems with the tv series alias, too. what can i say? i identify with characters/i am crazy. anywhoo, for those of you who were disappointed with the ending, i suggest you check out this recap– it made all right in the lost world for me.


work was, well work, and i was happy to skip home around 7. i cleaned my room, and i mean cleaned. there were dust bunnies the size of dinosaurs in there! i also went through all my magazines, tore out the recipes and recycled them as well as moving all of my books to the downstairs bookcases. productive post work, i’d say.  

glee was watched, laughs were shared, old boy roommate #2 came by to hang… so essentially a great night… but then THIS happened. disclaimer: i am not as big of a neat freak as i used to be, but i like things to be clean. i make my bed every morning, i put my dishes in the dishwasher, and my things are always in order (well, 95% of the time). new roommate (let’s call him….midwestern man) must not share these same traits, because when i went into the bathroom to get ready for bed, i found this:  

may i please get a collective EW?


what is that, you ask? THAT’S BEARD HAIRS IN THE SINK. i repeat: THAT’S BEARD HAIRS IN THE SINK. ew ew ew ew ew ew. um, NO. i didn’t know what to do – that’s just disgusting. i don’t leave my lady products and tweezed brow hairs all over the sink, so why should he? all he had to do was run the water. i’m still grossed out. to top it all off, this also happened: 

and something is just not right.

 put. that. seat. down. because. otherwise. i. fall. in. BAD MANNERS. see how neatly folded my towels are? and how nicely organized my lotion is? yeah. that does not work when the toilet seat is up. 

long story short, midwestern man has gross bathroom behavior. um, no. ain’t gonna fly. at least i get a kick out of it! 

have any of you ever dealt with a roommate who sees hygienics differently than you? how do you think i should go about confronting him (nicely of course) about it? or am i just being over dramatic (entirely possible)?


6 responses to “um, no.

  1. I had a roommate (female) that use to walk around the house naked. She just didn’t care. She would even sit on the couch naked!!!! Needless to say, she didn’t live there long.

    And no, I don’t think you are being overly dramatic about the beard/sink situation. It’s gross and I don’t boys realize that.

  2. I don’t think you are being dramatic.
    Personally, my space doesn’t have to be spotless but the dude should have a little respect! Nobody wants to see little hairs anywhere…yuck!

  3. This year my roommates were disgusting. One washed her hair IN THE SINK and never cleaned it out. I started wearing shower shoes in the bathroom because it was so gross (and no, it wasn’t communal, just shared with way too many people). I didn’t say anything because none of my roommates ever talked to each other, but it was nasty. I can definitely commiserate :(

  4. you should talk to him – otherwise it’ll fester and boil in you. communication, in any relationship, is important!!!

  5. Grossss. Right now we’re four in a bathroom (2 dudes, 2 girls) and there’s always all sorts of grodiness cropping up. Especially since our toilet doesn’t always function properly.

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