weight to the watchers.

after a long winter suffering from the big D word (depression), i put on the POUNDS! after a brief flirtation with the body for life program, i decided to do what i know what has worked for me in the past…so i joined weight watchers. hey! if jennifer hudson can do it, then so can i.

here, i’ll chronicle my numerical weight losses (and gains, as i’m sure there will be some).

here is to being 25 pounds lighter by my brother’s wedding day on september 26, 2010!

Week 1 (6/8/2010): – 5.4 lbs.

Week 2 (6/15/2010): -2.4 lbs (total 7.8 lbs)

Week 3 (6/22/2010): – .8 lbs (total 8.6 lbs)

Week 4: (6/29/2010): no weigh in, meeting at work! until next week…

Week 5: (7/6/2010): -2.6 lbs (total 11.2 lbs.)


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