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a general state of disarray.

well, hello! i’ve missed everyone. the past week (weeks?) have been busy, as in i don’t think i’ve been home to relax for more than two hours at a time (unless i’m sleeping, which i guess you could say is the ultimate relaxation). i’ll give you a “best of!” list, for no other reason than i just really like lists.
– i zumba’d for the first time! and came to the realization that homegirl does not possess the ability to swing her hips round and round. oops.
– i had a laughing attack in pilates (furr realz) and almost had to get up and leave. embarrrrassing! this happened to me in college at least once a week.
– my friends and i had a mexican/jewish themed dinner party (no, really), and i whipped up the biggest batch of my famous guacamole i’ve ever made.
– while making said batch of guacamole, i realized that it was dumb to be cutting that many jalapenos without gloves. and it was even dumber to touch my head after that. OUCHIES.
– a genius friend made beer margaritas, which are as potent and disgusting and awesome as they sound.
– i watched SO MANY MOVIES — mighty ducks (my favorite movie, besides mighty ducks 2), legends of the fall (um, sob.), cold mountain (underwhelmed) and saw the new tilda swinton film “i am love” in the theater.
– attended an all day barbeque to watch the usa v. ghana game, and shed a tear when we lost in overtime. then played soccer on a roof and tried really hard to not kick the ball overboard.
– painted my toes and was asked “if i was getting dolled up” by my weird roommate. why no, i’m not, thank you.
so, it’s been an eventful and radically fun week… even if i have been stressed out because of this:

hey, mess.

 i’m a pretty easy-going person these days, but certain things still really stress me out, packing being one of them. i managed to accomplish a lot this weekend, though i still have to tackle the majority of my room. this mess makes me feel weird inside. 

why yes, that IS bronzer ground into my white bureau. thanks for asking!

 this bureau gives me nightmares. my bronzer exploded oh, two weeks ago? and i still haven’t cleaned it up. i DID, however, clean up my bathroom. disassembled shelves like a big boy, cleaned cleaned cleaned, and organized all of my products and got them ready to move into the new apartment. they’re downstairs and everything!  

at least one room is clean, sigh.

 i really like my shower curtain (is that weird?) and am planning to take it with me to the new place since it matches, but was dismayed to see how dirty it had become. hard water stains, shampoo stains, gross stains that i didn’t attempt to analyze…. the thought of scrubbing the curtain, though, was too gross for even me, so i performed some magic. i put the entire shower curtain in the washing machine on gentle, washed it with detergent and hung it back up on its shower curtain rings to dry and dewrinkle. it worked wonders! i felt like martha stewart…. only a brunette martha stewart with no dogs, no ribbons and no patience to do crafts. 

eagerly awaiting its new home!

 above is the start of my pile of stuff to bring to the new place – it doesn’t seem like that much, but there is treasure hidden under there! i still have to pack my clothes and finish packing the kitchen stuff, but am feeling way less stressed out now. i cannot wait for this new chapter. i feel like great things are going to happen! 



eating wise, i’ve done better. i lapsed into my “it’s the weekend!” mode and have felt the effects of eating in ways i’m not used to (read: 4 beers and a hot dog for lunch, pad thai for dinner). i’m excited (and so is my body!) for a fresh start, and i’m actively looking forward to my session at the gym tonight – pun intended. this girl needs to get her SWEAT ON. 

julia (roommate) is making me watch twilight tonight… never seen it and have no interest in it, hope i don’t fall in love with edward cullen! i don’t think i will, i much prefer cedric diggory. 

are any of you obsessed with twilight like the rest of the universe? i kind of feel cool for knowing nothing about it…. but i do love me a good movie night.


a slug.

So, I just had a side of sour gummy savers with breakfast. Oh, I’m sorry, is that not normal?

I feel sluggish and blah today — maybe it’s the fact that I woke up too late to shower (oops, told you I’m not a morning person) or the fact that I feel narsty (read: gummy savers for breakfast), but this feeling has GOT to go. I know, I know, only I can change it…but man, today? Really?

There are some redeeming qualities of today: it’s Thursday, Friday is in sight! The roommates and I are getting a new, huuuge TV tonight for forty bones off of Craigslist! I’m going to have time to clean my room tonight! (fyi, I have an AVERSION to properly hanging up clothes. I pile them on the side of my hamper until my hamper falls over, and then I hang them up. Efficient? No. Quirky? Yes. Go with it.)

I can tell you right now I’m not going to the gym today because I forgot my sneakers at home, and running in high heeled ankle boots is probably not going to bode well for my body OR for my awkwardness. I will work out tomorrow. And I will post my eats tomorrow. We all gotta start somewhere, right?

– slug out.

…note, I will be posting pictures to spice things up a little bit once I figure things out.