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groundhogs day?

hola chicklettes! i apologize in advance for how similar to yesterday this post is going to be… in the midst of the chaos that is my life (hello packing! and dealing with landlords!), my eats and workouts and hangouts have all been eerily similar. i don’t hate it! 

yesterday morning i was flustered because i got to work late due to a doctor’s appointment. case in point? i went to take a picture of my breakfast (same exact one as yesterday, and now the heart to heart is gone!)  and exasperated myself because i had forgotten my camera. whelp, lunch rolls around, and look what i found sitting in its usual spot on my desk: 


 no, i did not find 1/2 c. boca crumbles, broccoli and 1/2 c. edamame randomly chilling on my desk, but i did find my camera. wee! work was, work, and i chugged along getting papercuts and yelling at my frozen computer until it was time for my afternoon snack. again, the exact same replica from yesterday — 

why am i so predictable?

 i was hungry again about 45 minutes later (that would be due to my light light lunch, thankyouverymuch), so i munched on some almonds. 

hungry again.

  i hopped out of work around 6:30 and headed to the gym to continue my love affair with the arc trainer. i used to spend hours on this thing back in the day, but then just abandoned it completely, our hopes and dreams dashed. i recently rediscovered what a great workout it can provide — it’s more strenuous for me than the elliptical, i get too bored on the stationary bike (because i bike in real life, and nothing can compare), and i don’t like to run everyday. don’t even get me started on the stairmaster, because i die every time i look at one of those things (even though i frequently use them in 15 minute spurts). ANYWAY. i busted out 30 hard minutes on the “weight loss” program,  level 5. i chose this program over the interval program merely because the intervals are longer and it’s harder for me that way…. and by the way, yes, i was embarrased and covered the program selection with my gym towel. i then did 20 minutes of really good stretching/yoga and called it a day. felt great! i finally have my mojo back.   

dinner was, err, interesting. i didn’t feel like pressing tofu (i was too hungry! it takes me forever.  i need one of these!) so i scrouned around for something edible…and ended up with savory oats. 

yummy sludge.

 1/2 c. oats with double the water for more volume, 1 tsp chia seeds, 1 laughing cow wedge, broccoli, 1 serving turkey pepperoni, 1 tbsp nooch. all enjoyed whilst watching the real housewives of new york reunion, part 2. i’m behind on my pop culture, gah! out of nowhere last night, i was a productive polly. i showered, lotioned and then set to packing my clothes. while watching an episode of alias (my all time favorite show, in the world, was obsessed with it in high school and have taken to rewatching the series), i emptied, folded and packed my bureau contents away, leaving outfits out for the rest of the week. who am i, and what have i done with lazy weeknight samantha?! julia came home late, bearing gifts…..a cable to hook up our computers to the television! you bet your bottom we bought twilight and started watching late. a movie snack was a must:  

repeat offender.

  chocolate/PB2 protein cake. i’m almost out of my PB2 stash –  found it in a store in nyc – sad face! it’s great to make peanutty sauces with, especially since i have been out of peanut butter itself for 2 weeks. i also snacked on two rice cakes – i was a hungry one last night. we watched about half of twilight (underwhelmed, though i now understand why everyone thinks robert pattinson is so hot. helllllooo, edward!). 

BED. i needed it last night. 

OH – and here is the album of the day…been listening to it all morning, and am pretty sure i’m going to be listening to it all day: Keane’s Perfect Symmetry. Just Do It. (especially “You Haven’t Told Me Anything”)

what is your favorite album/band as of late? i recently started listening to k-os, which is out of the norm for me as i’m more of an indie girl, but i like the beat!



have you ever had those workouts where you drip sweat so much that you wonder how it’s even possible? yesterday (monday) was one of dem dere days. but, rewind! this was a monday if there ever was one. i stayed up too late watching cold mountain (eh, though nicole kidman is flawlessly gorgeous in it), and was NOT into going to work. oh well, time to be a grown up! at least breakfast helped make up for it: 

kashi heart to heart: meh.

container 0% fage, strawberriez, 3/4 c. kashi heart to heart. i am a golean girl through and through – i was not into this cereal and won’t be buying it again…it was on sale at cvs for $2.00 – and how can you pass up THAT bargain – on a morning where i was needing some crunch to go with my yog. good thing i’m almost done with the box! i’ll stick with my weird twigs and fibrous looking things from now on, thanks. 

lunch was without a doubt one of the grossest things i’ve ever attempted to eat. in my effort to use up my groceries so i don’t have to move them, i’ve been making some weird concoctions. take this: green pepper slices, kind of rotten lettuce, 1/2 c. boca crumbles and 1/4 an avocado that was a little far gone. i took a bite, and then threw it out. i’m not one to waste food, but this.was.nasty.  


thank goodness we have such a well stocked cafeteria upstairs! i didn’t know what i wanted to eat… well actually i did, it was the 3 bean soup, but it didn’t look good. i created this weird salad below, which sufficed as lunch. i was in one of those moods where i was hungry, but didn’t feel like eating, so theoretically, nothing was going to taste good. i’m just weird and that doesn’t happen to any of you? ok, fine.  

less ew.

spinach, red onion, chickpeas, some smoked turkey, 1 egg white and banana peppers with some balsamic vinegar. it filled me up, just like food is supposed to!  

afternoooooon pick me up.

i needed an afternoon pick me up so badly. it was about 100* outside, but grey grey grey stormy stormy stormy, and with the cold temperatures in my office, it felt like winter! add a headache to the mix and i wanted warm coffee. this was also joined by a golden delicious apple (my fave) and a light babybel cheese. 

i hightailed it out of work around 5:45 (i’ve started coming into work an hour early so i can leave more on time and get more hours in) and strolled to the gym, looking forward to working out after a respite due to packing and the weekend. am i the only one who has a hard time making it to the gym on the weekends? i get exercise – i ride my bike everywhere and dance and am outside and all that jazz, but i can’t bring myself to actually go to the gym when it’s saturday or sunday. 

i did 20 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill at a 1.5 incline (speeds 6.1, 6.3, 6.5, 6.7 and 7.2) with some warm up/cool down walking, and then followed with 25 minutes of the interval program on the arc trainer. you guys, i was sweaty. i have never sweat anywhere else than my face (and subsequently i get the nice little sweat ring around my neck), but my back was SOPPED, so was my midsection, and so were my legs. maybe i just needed to sweat out some toxins? either way, i was simultaneously grossed out by myself and proud of myself. it was a work. out. 

a shower was much needed once home, and that followed with this quick and tasty meal — bag of tofu shirataki noodles, 2 wedges of laughing cow light herb and garlic, broccoli, and one serving of turkey pepperoni for some protein. mmmm. 

me hongry.

i followed this up with some chocolate protein cake topped with a PB2 sauce – delicious! i added more water to the PB2 powder than called for to make it runny – and the protein cake soaked up all of its peanutty goodness. YUM, and you would never know it was healthy! 

That crooked girl holding the cake is my roommate, Julia, who is making her first blog appearance at her request! Told you we loved popsicles, it’s actually becoming a problem. They’re just so good! 

hey girl hey!

 We desserted while we watched “Y Tu Mama Tambien” — she forgot Twilight in NY, oops, and this was the second best (but really better) option. i LOVED this film, and it truly reminded me of the pure friendships boys have whilst growing up, before sex and alcohol and relationships complicate them. i never wanted it to end. gabriel garcia bernal & diego luna aren’t bad to look at, either. 

what’s the best movie you’ve seen lately? i really really loved legends of the fall, with brad pitt, from 1995. i just saw it this past weekend! i could stare dreamily at brad pitt and that gorgeous cinematography all weekend.

the ice storm.

Has anyone seen Ang Lee’s 1997 film The Ice Storm? When I walked out of my house this morning (at 7 am, go me!) just as the sky was starting to brighten, the trees reminded me of the film – beautiful, but ominous. I thought DC didn’t get snow! But I’m loving it.
I ellipticalled for 30 minutes, and it was intense. I took a cue from Tina and really used interval training, and wow what a difference it makes. I was a-sweatin’! I did some ab work and some pushups, and then took my time getting ready. I don’t have to be at work until later than most people, so I relish having the entire lockerroom to myself after a good workout.
I got to work, answered some emails and then got to business on this:

a days worth o' eatz.

Overnight oats with 1/2 cup fat free plain yogurt, 1/2 cup oats, frozen berries anddddd… Barney Butter! I registered for a free sample, and they sent me two cute lil’ packets free! I never understood what all the fuss was about, because I didn’t love almond butter. Now I get it. It’s so smooth! It has such concentrated almond flavor! I’ll be saving my last packet for something worth it, that’s for sure.

The sandwich-for-dinner was inspired by Snackface — two pieces of Ezekiel bread, Laughing Cow wedge, 3 mashed meatless balls, and some mustard and Frank-a-lanks. This is going to be dinna numero uno before I go see AVATAR in 3D! I am pumped, been waiting so long to see it. I will probably devour that apple somewhere in the middle of the THREE HOUR FILM.

…until later. I hope it’s happy where you are!

ze whirlwind.

Whew! Today was nutty, in a wonderful way. It started when I woke up, oh you know, an hour and a half late! I must have forgotten to turn on my alarm…but boy did that extra sleep feel nice. I made it to work in under an hour, and was greeted with a full inbox and a million and two projects that needed immediate attention. I buckled down while eating my breakfast and got my work done in a ridiculous three hours. That might be a new records for me.

While I furiously typed, I slurped down some coffee (treated myself to SBucks today, usually grab some free from the caf upstairs) and my first bowl o’ overnight oats. Oh. Em. Gee. You bloggies were NOT kidding – these were delicious!! And filling. This was half a cup of plain fat free yogurt, half a cup of oats, a splash of water, some frozen berries. I put some natural PB on that bad boy this morning.

looks gnarly, tastes awesome.

Before I knew it, it was 2:30 pm and time for some lurnch. A while ago, I made a huge batch of lentils and froze them in individual portions. I took my last portion out of the freezer yesterday so they were able to thaw overnight, and popped them in the microwave. Along with two wasa crackers and a Laughing Cow Heaven wedge, it was a pretty great lunch.

snacky and part II of lunch.

An orange and some green tea later (and more work! but it’s good to be busy) I hit the gym for a good sweat sesh. Warmed up on the treadmill, bopped around to some My Dear Disco – All I Do is the best running song in the history of the land – and ran 3.5 miles in 36:07. It was…really tough. Tougher than normal. At first, I was disappointed in my time, because I always strive to run 9:30 miles, but then I said, you know what! I ran 3.5 miles! And even with walking breaks, I was still close to  ten minute miles. It feels so good to be running again! It’s hard for me, but I do like it. Plus, I love my sweat ring because it makes me feel so badass. Does anyone else love when they have proof that they rocked their workouts?

I came home and cooked up a storm, I was hangry and had to wait soo long to eat. Dinner was half of a sweet potato, some roasted cauliflower, a veggie sausage and a pretzel roll from Whole Foods that I randomly bought… with a huge dollop of mustard because besides my numero uno favorito, Franks, mustard is my favorite condiment.

notice that i dug into my pretzel roll before dinner. oops.

I’m now watching SVU, otherwise known as the best show ever in all of the world, sipping tea and veggin’ before I snuggle in bed with my book. But first I have to clean my room. I CANNOT go to bed with a messy room, because I am a nutbar. Have a good night!


Does anything feel as good as a shower after a good workout (otherwise known as my first workout in a week)? I did 5 minutes on the elliptical to warm up, and then a full body weight training session. I recently upped my weights and am doing less reps. My body seems to be responding, especially my arms. My butt is going to be a-sore tomorrow. For some reason though, whenever I just strength train and don’t sweat sweat, I feel like my workout is kind of a joke. Anyone else feel this way?

My day was uneventful, which was actually lovely. I had a mediocre salad with mixed greens, herbs, a carrot, a boca burger, a few crushed almonds and a babybel cheese all chopped up in that nasty spray dressing stuff. Anyone have any suggestions on how to transport good salad dressing to work? I’m nervous of oil spills like woah. I then tried to eat a pear for “dessert” and realized I have a developed a phobia of pear skin, shiver.

Snacked on an orange and some green tea before moseying on over to the gym.  I will be good about taking pictures, soon, I promise. Picture a navel orange. And a mug.

I just got home and am having a “first dinner” of half a cup of 4% cottage cheese with microwaved mixed berries and cinnamon. I’m going to a trendy sushi place tonight that offers half off after 10:30 pm (it’s SO good) and needed a little snacky to tide me over until the main event.

Have a good night!

the quest.

Happy February! And Monday! But we all know Monday is not as happy.

Woke up to the SUN, and knew today was going to be a good day. Sometimes, very rarely, I get to work off-site. Today was one of those days, and I absolutely love it because it means I can interact with and actually help people from all walks of life for a few hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but sometimes I feel guilty that I work for “the man.”

Because I woke up late (mmm cozy bed) and I was on the run, I ate breakfast in parts. An apple the size of my face – Braeburn apples were on sale at Whole Foods – and a Peanut Butter and Jelly Larabar. And coffee, duh. A large.

my first larabar ever!

I honestly can now understand the love for the Larabar. Not only did I love the ingredients (dates, peanuts, unsweetened cherries, salt), but I ate it and immediately felt satiated. I was hungry an hour and a half later, because let’s face it I didn’t eat the most filling breakfast, but all in all I was very impressed with this bar and when I become a millionaire, I will buy them all the time. Those puppies are expensive!

DISCLAIMER: I am a walking cliche, so please keep that in mind as you read the following paragraphs.

I’m now unveiling my plan for “Fit February.” January was sort of a rough month emotionally, and it took a toll on my physical self. I am taking back the day! I do really well with short term goals, so along with following my training plan, I’m going to create weekly goals, or quests because that word is just so much cooler.

So! This week (Monday, Feb 1 to Sunday, Feb 7), I am going to try and refrain from eating refined sugar. I have been indulging far too much and not only has my waistline responded, but so has my skin. And I hate pimples. I also think sugar makes me feel very sluggish, and I’m looking forward to reinvigorating myself.  Also, I’m not banning sugar forever because, well, can you imagine?! The Supreme Court would rule that Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Anyone want to join me on quest numero uno?

– in a while, crocodiles.

PS – go holler a hello at Ms. Snackface herself, who is celebrating a very important birthday!

about time.

I miss the sun.

I watched this Lifetime movie last night, The Pregnancy Pact. It’s essentially about a group of high-schoolers who all decide to get pregnant at the same time, so in other words, it’s about a group of high-schoolers who are crazy. The best part about the whole thing was that Thora Birch, as in the cutiest of all cuties from the Beethoven movies, is in it.

her sister's name was rice. who names their kid RICE?

Anywhoo, I’m having a bunch o’ tupperware for breakfast. Sike! That’s 1/2 plain, fat-free yogurt with a small banana and 1/2 cup fiber cereal with almonds. I bought the cereal because it was on sale, and it’s the kind that turns into mush the second it touches anything other than air. Oh well.

no, i did not drink wine for breakfast.

Lunch will be mixed greens with a veggie sausage (surprisingly good), laughing cow wedge, sliced almonds, asparagus and an orange. The fact that it’s Friday makes today automatically good. Making it better is the fact that I’m actually going to the gym after work.

Does anyone else LIVE for two glorious days named Saturday and Sunday? I think it’s sad I measure my life worth in those two lovely days.

Lator, gators.