…and we’re back.

whelp, my beloved mac that i’ve had since 2005 has decided to cooperate, so i’m here! i’m here! i really need to get a new computer (mine has been on its last legs for ages), but i can’t bring myself to spend $1000, especially when a) i’m moving in two weeks and would rather spend money on some new things for the place, and b) i’m on my own work computer allllll the livelong day. dilemma alert! 

my second weight watchers weigh in went really well — despite the beer and the extra eats and the no working out (other than walking and biking everywhere), i am down another 2.4 lbs! that’s a total of 7.8 lbs in two weeks… i’m very surprised, because i feel like i’ve been eating so much of what i want. it’s refreshing, for me, to not count ratios or calories. it’s also an added plus that i like more natural, less processed food, because that’s what weight watchers “advises.” this time around, my eating style is so different (read: no dannon light n fit, no sugar free jelly, no low carb bread), that i am approaching this “lifestyle” differently, and noticing how unrestrictive it is. here’s to my continued success! (i’m proud of myself) 


it’s 8:30 am, i’m listening to the new broken social scene album, and staring at pictures of yogurt from yesterday. wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. breakfast was delicious — 1 serving fage 0%, strawburries, and 3/4 c. kashi golean. i LOVE this cereal, because it’s crunchy. i hate hate hate when my cereal gets soggy, it’s the reason i don’t enjoy it in milk. 

das a lot of dairy.

lunch was good, but gone in .32 seconds flat, and didn’t really fill me up. a la tortilla wrap with a laughing cow wedge, 1/4 the creamiest avocado i’ve ever picked out at the store, tomato and some whole foods sliced deli turkey along with a sliced orange pepper. green peppers are my favorite (and the cheapest!), but when i went to the store on sunday, they were all out of everything except a few orange peppers. weird, no?  

well this wasn't filling.

my snack was in three parts… i was feeling noshy because lunch wasn’t satisfying, so i dug into my snack (part 1) around 4, way earlier than normal. this nectarine was the picture of perfection – i think they are my favorite fruit! i can’t eat peaches because the fuzz faREAKS me out, always has, always will. when i was a kid, my grandpa thought that was hilarious.  

mmm, summer.

part 2 was my favorite snackypants, just can’t beat a babybel light.  

zee best cheese. clearly i am not a cheese snob.

for part 3, i really wanted my 100 calorie popcorn, but i burned it. at work. so the whole floor smelled. in my defense, i did hit the popcorn button and took it out early, but it still reeked! i hid in the bathroom, and no i am not kidding. it was 5:30 at this point, and i had a 7pm yoga class, so i decided i should eat something… enter emergency snack drawer:  

i think this was too fiber-y for my own good.

i really liked this! it was filling, and after all three of my snacks i was a little too full… but i trekked to yoga and let it settle. my vinyasa class was at stroga , where i bought a groupon. i am not a yogi by any means, but am looking to expand my workout horizons, and also am looking to settle my mind a little — this class was hard! headstands, pigeons, whatevers….but i liked it. the studio is gorgeous, like a converted mansion. the walls are powder blue, the ceilings are appliqued and painted white, there are glamorous chandeliers and huge bay windows that let in a lot of light. it was very calming, and it felt wonderful to stretch my body as i’ve been really sore from my workouts (thanks, gina!) i was by far the worst in the class, but didn’t really care and was focused on my own practice….which was hard to do as a man placed his mat THREE INCHES from mine, and instead of focusing my breath, i was focusing on not touching him as i swandived or warriored or something like that. kind of ruined the class for me. and he worked there! he should have known to not do that! oh, yoga etiquette. 

after the class, i met my friend leah for some dinner at sweetgreen, where we picked it up and quickly jetted back to her apartment to watch TOP CHEF DC! i got the santorini, and am convinced it’s the most delicious salad in the world. i went light on the feta and swapped out the dressing for some simple lemon and olive oil, and it was just delectable. it’s my favorite place to quickly grab dinner in dc, everything is so fresh and the environment is just lovely. wow, i sound like a walking ad, but it’s true.

i am beyond excited for this season – i want to see how they integrate dc into the show! a lot of my friends have been to the gym with padma, and my other friend works at the hotel they were staying at as an event planner and has seen/met all of them! i feel personally attached to it, is that weird? 

this post is long enough, but vateva! top chef is definitely my favorite reality show… i don’t watch others, really. what’s your favorite reality show? c’mon, i know you have guilty pleasures…the bachelor anyone? rock of love? don’t be shy!


we will be back…

to regularly scheduled programming once i figure out my computer woes. i’ll miss you all in the meantime!



of life, that is!

this weekend had some high points, and a few low points, but all in all, was chock full of all the things i love — shopping, friends, cold beers and being outside. now, to tally the score:

the good.

i got my bridesmaid dress (finally, i was in trouble with the bride!) — and not only was i an entire size smaller than i thought i would be, but i am almost the size smaller! hoping to comfortably be there by the wedding.

i got the cutest skirt and 2 theory-like tanktops for less than the original cost of the skirt.

soccer was watched – my favorite sport. i play on teams here in dc!

my bike was fixed, hellllllo not paying for transportation everywhere.

my family figured out its vacation time and we’re all going to martha’s vineyard for a few days.

i cleaned my entire house (what up toilet bowl cleaner) and actually enjoyed it. what?

i watched the tony’s! i just love love hearing all the eloquent speeches and the dedication to arts education, and besides, all the performers are just plain hot.

the not so good.

my computer broke, for real. it’s been on its last legs for a while, and took its final plunge….so no pictures for a while, i guess.

i drank a little too much beer, and ate a lot too much on saturday. but i’m still hoping for a loss tomorrow (i weigh in on tuesdays) — will keep you posted.

i’m starting to stress about packing, and our new lease (it’s not here yet to sign!)

i went to whole foods to buy produce, yogurt and some luna bars and still spent $40. at least i’m still way under food budget for the month.


wow, so the good outweighs the not so good by a mile. now, on to tackle the week!

seeing as i didn’t work out once last week, i’m declaring this week the week of working out. let’s see if i stick to it…. here’s to trying!

if you fall off the working out wagon, how do you guys motivate yourself to get back on? i find that the first step is always the hardest, but then i remember how much i like it.


well, there’s the biggest sigh of relief in the world. the landlord drama is settled, and my world is now back to rainbows and butterflies. we had a long phone conversation, and i found that if i was calm and rational, she responded well. though i was very upset (and so was she), only one of us was combative (and it wasn’t me!), and i got what i wanted in the end. good life lesson, no? 

with the drama over, my appetite came back. party in the usa! breakfast brought the return of all things good: greek yogurt. i eat fage 0% because it’s cheaper than both oikos (which i’ve had once and loved) and chobani, and for no other reason.  

beauty shot!

1 serving chobani, 1/3 c. oats, frozen berries and cinnamon accompanied 2 big cups of coffee with soymilk. i guess i’m really into caffeine these days.  

after a morning of phone conversations, relief and getting mah work on, i had a very green lunch! still using up those three grilled chicken breasts i cooked on monday night – MAN, that’s a lot of chicken. this was an herb salad with red onion, tomato, 1/4 avocado, 3.5 ounces rosemary lemon chicken. this was filling, and took me a while to eat, but felt good to eat something f-f-f-fresh!   

i guess i'm pretty into closeups today.

 i’ve found that i’ve been craving something sweet after lunch, and have been having a waterbottle full of crystal lite that has been sitting in my desk since october.  it’s not that i won’t eat sweets, it’s that i’m entirely not hungry after such a satisfying lunch and just need a little somethin’ somethin’. plus, i get another bottle of water in! bathroom, here i come.  snacktime was my new favorite food: rice cakes. i don’t know what it is about them, but mother’s brand butter flavored ricecakes (35 calories each) are just delectably salty, especially with a laughing cow wedge smeared on top. i’m a salt girl, so these are right up my alley. combine that with crunchy green beans, and you’ve got a filling and healthy snackie.  

so i'm fairly certain i'm going to turn into a rice cake.

 post work, i was planning on going to the gym, but just didn’t want to. i have have have to get my workout mojo back! my eating is spot on and i’m feeling great, but the wedding is in 4 months and i gotta get my tone on! plus, i feel better when i workout regularly. where, oh where has my gym mojo gone? oh where, oh where can it beeeeee? instead of going to the gym, i went to bed bath and beyond to pick up some cleaning supplies – i’m going to leave my house so sparkling my landlord isn’t going to know what to do with herself!  for dinner, i was in the mood for something quick, satisfying and tasty to fuel me up for my marathon clean… so along with the real housewives of new jersey (danielle is actually a crazy person), i whipped up a spicy asian seitan wrap using this sauce:  

spicy nicey.

 i measured out a serving of seitan and browned it in a pan while i was steaming some green beans and broccoli. once both were done, i added all my ingredients together and added 1/2 tbsp. of the above sauce, 1 tbsp. soy sauce, chili flake and garlic powder and wrapped it all up in a big la tortilla factory tortilla (amazing stats – 90 calories, 3g fat, 13g fiber, and tasty). i am REALLY bad at wrapping, but you get the picture:   

i need to go to wrap college.

 i also enjoyed this with a cup of frozen corn – i have a lot of frozen vegetables from this winter that i’m trying to use up — i don’t want to bring anything (food wise) with me to the new apt. except spices and non perishables. starting fresh! i cleaned and scrubbed the fridge and dishwasher (did you know how hard stainless steel is to clean? because i didn’t.) and also scrubbed away at the downstairs bathroom. i figure if i start the cleaning now, then it will be less overwhelming when the end of the month comes. look at me, being all responsible! for a snack before i got sucked into the finale of top chef masters finale, i had a deep chocolate vitatop with a smear of peanut butter on top – i have really been enjoying the banana nut vitatops as of late and really needed some chocolate in my life, so i picked these up on the way home. they do the trick!   

look how shiny my fridge is!

 well THIS was a long post, so i’ll let you all go now….muahaha. i’m going to a baseball game with a bunch of friends tonight, a nice little thursday treat before the WEEKEND starts! yes, i consider friday the weekend even though i have to work. 

do you guys do a lot of social things during the week, or do you save it for the weekend? i generally see my friends twice during the week — the rest of the time is spent at the gym (when i have my mojo), doing chores and errands, and relaxing! i also live with a friend, so there’s not as much need.


landlord, prepare for battle.

now, i’m generally a very easy going person.  and it takes a lot to make me angry – in fact, i think my friends have only seen me truly angry once or twice. when i’m angry, though, hoo BOY. watch out. no, really – watch out.

guess who has managed to make me angry?

my landlord. is SHE in for a treat!

i’m not going to get into the details for privacy’s sake, but OH!, i’m right, and am fighting an illegal lease. i just want it to be july 1 so i can move into my pretty new apartment and be far far away from the tyrant.

ANYHOO – in other news, i had my first weight watchers weigh-in yesterday… and lost 5.4 pounds! without ever feeling deprived or weird about my food choices! i think this is going to be a good thing for me. i created a separate page to track my success (and slip ups) – mosey on over there each tuesday to see how i’m doing.

in other other news, i have been waking up with migraines and blurred vision – ruh roh. between work, having to pack, having to move all by myself and this landlord drama, i’m just really stressed. zen, aaaah.

has anyone gone to battle with their landlords before? if so, some advice would be awesome!

a good day of few words.

it was a two cup coffee kind of day, in a good way.  

the usz


my new tupperware containers, courtesy of a hungry hippie.  

a lackluster lunch.


iced oatmeal luna bar = a great afternoon snack.  

favorite flava.


an apple on the way to put the security deposit down on your new apartment is an even better snack. 

1 c. corn with salt and pepper, raw green beans and some rosemary lemon chicken with a side of always sunny in philadelphia is a great way to end a wonderful day.  

a "mom" dinner

 want to know what’s the best way to end a perfect day? a bed with clean sheets. 

how were your mondays?


is the only way to describe this weekend. chockful of fun and milestones! sorry for the lack of pictures – i’m still learning to become a “camera person.” 

on saturday, i enjoyed a leisurely breakfast (yogurt and raw oats, too hot for anything else) before hopping on my bike and heading to meet my friend ali for yoga at a great studio called yoga district.  now, i am SO not a yoga person, and i always wish i could be. while i’m very flexible, i have a hard time quieting my mind enough to fully immerse myself in its practice. it is so hot in dc that my face actually rains anytime i step outside (i am so not joking), so by the time i had pedaled quickly to get to the class on time and hustled up 10 flights of stairs, i was drenched. poor yoga classmates. the teacher even threw an extra towel my way! i think sweating is the worst, but i’m lucky that only my face gets it, and not my body. 

i really loved yoga – i went to a vinyasa flow class, and it was definitely hard, but awesome. the teacher was really calming and wonderful, and while it was physically demanding, it was also really relaxing. that meditation at the end? yum.  i can see how it tones your body if you stick with it. i actually bought a groupon for 5 classes at stroga, a strength training and yoga studio, so expect to see some classes come up! i’m really excited that i’m finally taking the yoga plunge – it’s a big deal for me. i always love trying new things, or rediscovering old habits. post yoga, i furiously pedaled to meet julia (my roommate) to look at an apartment – we didn’t like it, but it’s a huge deal for us that we are actually moving. my lease is up at the end of june! 

it was the perfect saturday – yoga, bike riding, followed by iced coffee and crossword puzzles and then a shopping trip to whole foods – no more edamame dinners! i somehow managed to spend only $55 for a lot of groceries – i think i’m growing up. once home, it was time for some napping and movie watching before gearing up to do some dancing. alright, alright. 

sunday was a trying day. i had gotten home at 4am the previous night, but had to be up and at’em at 9:30 to get myself ready for the day. i had brunch plans with bloggers at 11 at scion, a cute cafe with an unlimited fruit bar (i discovered i liked papaya! who knew?), followed by a private tour of the west wing of the white house. one of my friends went to college with a girl who is an assistant to a senior staffer, and she was kind enough to take a group of 6 of us around – unreal. the oval office is SO much smaller than it looks. it was pretty thrilling to be inside. in preparation for the tour, we had to send the white house our social security numbers, birthdate etc. so we could be approved! no jokes in there. also, a lot of the secret service officers are smokin’ hot. 

we weren’t allowed to take a lot of pictures, but check this out: 

oh, cj cregg!

 it’s where robert gibbs gives his daily press announcement! i wish cj cregg from “the west wing” were a real person, so i could be her best friend in real life. i finally dragged myself home (or took a cab, whatever, i was seriously dragging, and brunch really made my stomach hurt) and relaxed for a few hours — also known as folding laundry, cleaning the ktichen and cleaning my room — before heading off to my friends house for a barbeque. her parents were in town and cooked us an awesome meal so they could get to know all of us – there were about 30 people there! jenn was kind enough to make me some chicken since i don’t eat red meat, so i had this amazing grilled chicken breast (which, by the way, i didn’t feel weird about eating), grilled zucchini and a grilled corn/red onion/tomato/avocado salad they pulled from food network. it was amazing, fresh and flavorful. i’m going to bug them until they send me the recipe. dessert was heavenly, and i was really craving something sweet after my week of super clean eats. i had 1/4 chocolate cupcake and 1/4 lemon blueberry cupcake from baked and wired, a really cute place in georgetown. 

i was exhausted when i finally biked home, but julia and i had to have a “phone call” with our new roommate — that’s right, we’re officially moving!!!! we’re going tonight to hand over our security deposits – it all happened really quickly, but that’s how it goes when you find an amazing apartment in dc. the turnover is ridiculous! it’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in a converted townhouse, with a huge kitchen and living area. it’s a little more expensive, but it’s right in the middle of everything, and i mean everything. the best part is, that while it’s in the epicenter of fun, it’s also on a really quiet residential street where many families live. best of both worlds, i’d say! 

the next few weeks are going to be crazy as i have to pack, get things settled and take on a whole new adventure, but i am so so excited. i finally feel like things are falling into place, just feel it in the air. 

how do you guys deal with a move? i’m already stressing out about packing, transporting and cleaning to get my security deposit. good thing i have a bunch of willing, strong bodied guy friends to do all of the heavy lifting. 

happy monday!