things i learned this weekend.

warning: my home computer actually broke for real (sob!), so my posts aren’t going to have pictures for a while. lo siento! anywhoo, on to the important lessons i learned this fourth of july weekend.


– moving? not that bad. i guess it helps when you have an army of fit boys helping you.

– getting stuck in the back of a uhaul, wedged between furniture, requires skill, patience and flexibility.

– when you don’t eat for 7 hours and are doing a lot of heavy lifting, you get irritable.

– driving a uhaul rules.

– drinking eases the pain.

– being too hungover to unpack isn’t that fun. especially when you can’t find your underwear.

– iced coffee is god’s gift to the world. as is having an amazing independent coffee shop 1 block from your new digs.

– sunshine does a body good. so does over chlorinated pool water.

– boys are sometimes disgusting.

– when you drink a lot of beer, you aren’t hungry for fourth of july barbeque, which is a darn shame.

– when you listen to explosions of the sky while watching fireworks burst over the washington monument from your friends roof, you are not only hilarious for your symbolism, but also very happy.

– when you eat a ton of grapes on the fourth of july but no hamburger or hot dog, you are probably dehydrated. or just weird.

– when the first thing you crave when you wake up in the morning is a blue powerade zero, you probably need to take it easy for the rest of the day.

– whole foods carrot cake is really good.

– wearing the same shorts 3 days in a row in 90* weather makes you a gross person.

– reading magazines on a pile of furniture is a really great way to relax.

– it’s not fun to look like a homeless person when you’re not one, but sometimes necessary.

– sleep is god’s second greatest gift to the world (see: iced coffee).

– going to work after a wonderful three day weekend sucks. there, i said it.

– 4am dance parties will never get old. unless i get old. but i’ve worked out a plan, that’s not going to happen.

– i’m obsessed with these four bomb songs.

– when the man at the liquor store gives you a “proud to be an american” bumper sticker on the fourth of july in the nation’s capital, you just have to laugh but secretly feel really awesome and wish you had a car to put it on. well not really, but i liked it a lot.

– i want to make out with the weekend.


there you have all of the things i learned this weekend. as you can see, it was a weekend of [ridiculous] growth.

what did YOU learn this long weekend?


4 responses to “things i learned this weekend.

  1. I learned not to overeat again LOL

  2. Oh man, if I was wedged between furniture in the back of a UHaul, I would freak out!

    What did I learn this weekend? Hmm, how about drinking beer in a cool house is way better than sweating your balls off outside!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA – this made me laugh out loud multiple times. i also want to make out with my weekend. no shame.

    one thing i learned this weekend: i am not in college anymore. hangovers that would never have phased me before are now the worst things ever. gah. i hate getting old.

  4. Glad the moving wasn’t too much of an ordeal… but I know what you mean about not eating for 7 hours. I went 9 yesterday and was so cranky!

    I’m going to go ahead and add The Upwelling’s “Murdered By A Big Bomb” to that list :-)

    And I’m going to have to second Holly’s truth. It sucks.

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