sin curve.

my day was like high school algebra. well, not as sucky as high school algebra, but just as curvy. the morning started off strong with this delicious breakfast, my all time summertime favorite: greek yogurt, some kind of summer fruit, some kind of cereal. 

looks like a sundae, no?

in this case, it was honey nut cheerios because homegirl left her kashi at home! oh well. this was a nice sweet treat to start the morning! i was astounded that smart start/special k with fruit and yogurt were more caloric and less nutritious… guess i have to keep reading labels! and duh, coffee with soy.  

ahoney anut!

lunch was, again, USE UP WHATCHU HAVE! day, so below is broccoli, 1/2 c. boca crumbles and 1/2 c. of edamame. i continue to be impressed with myself that i’m able to whip up quick (albeit kind of weird and small) meals with nothing in the house.  

mush! but good mush.

unpictured snack was coffee, a babybel light and an apple. i didn’t feel like you guys needed to see another picture of my espresso royale cup and a golden delicious. i then went to the gym, where i did the leg workout from week 2 of the fitnessista’s summer shape up (i’ve been following it). death! it wasn’t nearly as hard as the first lower body workout, and i can’t tell if it’s because that’s the way the program was designed, or if it’s because i’m getting stronger. my legs are definitely more toned! i was feeling draggy and disheartened during my entire workout (the down part of my day) – it was weird… i was haing a great workout for my body, but felt discouraged. so out of sorts, in fact, that i wasn’t able to do the last 2o minutes of cardio and just went home instead. i need to focus on being proud of myself for getting any workout in, and not letting negative thoughts get the best of me. as soon as i was settled and cooking and cleaning, though, my energy came back. it was a very strange dip in emotions for me, but at least the night ended up an upswing! 

but first, i snacked on some dried mango that has been in my cupboard since 1982 to tak the edge off:  

chris kattan. aka mango.

i also dug this from the depths of my pantry and made the entire box… guess who is going to be eating falafel for the next 5 days?!  

surprisingly tasty.

 after balling and broiling, i plopped 3 onto some defrosted kale and green beans, and topped with lemon juice, salt and pepper. simple, but did the trick. i also snacked on some PB2 protein cake while finishing twilight.   

once again, surprisingly tasty.

 it was early to bed in our house, as we both woke up to gym it this morning….go me! tonight is going ot be full of new apartment cleaning, a hookah bar and being too excited to sleep. yay, moving! 

album of the day is another oldie but goodie: wilco’s yankee hotel foxtrot. yum. 

what do you do to snap yourself out of a fleeting, weird mood? i generally like to get my things in order and feel settled, and then i can go back to being myself!


4 responses to “sin curve.

  1. I like to plan out things/organize to get back to my usual self. Lots of sleep usually helps too haha. Oh, and yes, cereals can be oh so deceiving!

  2. I find going for a walk or doing some yoga or stretching helps me feel more balanced.

    Just found your blog through Run Eat Repeat!

  3. I clean or bake to get myself out of a funk. It always makes me feel better!

  4. all your food looks yummy! i am always making weird but delicious meals over the random stuff in my fridge too =)

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