landlord, prepare for battle.

now, i’m generally a very easy going person.  and it takes a lot to make me angry – in fact, i think my friends have only seen me truly angry once or twice. when i’m angry, though, hoo BOY. watch out. no, really – watch out.

guess who has managed to make me angry?

my landlord. is SHE in for a treat!

i’m not going to get into the details for privacy’s sake, but OH!, i’m right, and am fighting an illegal lease. i just want it to be july 1 so i can move into my pretty new apartment and be far far away from the tyrant.

ANYHOO – in other news, i had my first weight watchers weigh-in yesterday… and lost 5.4 pounds! without ever feeling deprived or weird about my food choices! i think this is going to be a good thing for me. i created a separate page to track my success (and slip ups) – mosey on over there each tuesday to see how i’m doing.

in other other news, i have been waking up with migraines and blurred vision – ruh roh. between work, having to pack, having to move all by myself and this landlord drama, i’m just really stressed. zen, aaaah.

has anyone gone to battle with their landlords before? if so, some advice would be awesome!


3 responses to “battle.

  1. I hate landlord drama, so do not miss it. Good luck! Give em’ hell!

  2. I have no advice on the landlord situation but don’t let it stress you out so much that you are making yourself sick!! Small claims court is a great option for that kind of thing.

    Oh, and I’m not crazy about hummus either!

  3. I haven’t dealt with a landlord, so I am no help there. However, as for your question about cocoa roast almonds, they are amazing!!! The cocoa coating is really thin, but the flavor definitely comes through.

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