a good day of few words.

it was a two cup coffee kind of day, in a good way.  

the usz


my new tupperware containers, courtesy of a hungry hippie.  

a lackluster lunch.


iced oatmeal luna bar = a great afternoon snack.  

favorite flava.


an apple on the way to put the security deposit down on your new apartment is an even better snack. 

1 c. corn with salt and pepper, raw green beans and some rosemary lemon chicken with a side of always sunny in philadelphia is a great way to end a wonderful day.  

a "mom" dinner

 want to know what’s the best way to end a perfect day? a bed with clean sheets. 

how were your mondays?


2 responses to “a good day of few words.

  1. Totally agree with that a bed with clean sheets is the perfect end to a day!

  2. Seriously, clean sheets are the best! Especially when they’re clean sheets in a cool, air conditioned room. Perfection. My Monday wasn’t bad! My Tuesday’s going pretty well, too.

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