spa vacation.

well, not really, but that’s what memorial day weekend in boston truly felt like. my brother and his fiance (whom i love) both had to work, so i spent the days relaxing with le pupperooni, my book, always sunny in philadelphia (otherwise known as the funniest show in the history of the world) and the outdooors.  

i arrived perfectly on time friday evening after a thrilling night spent in the baltimore airport, where i consumed quiznos for dinner. not my jam. after a late night wrangler ride back to their house, spooning with the dog, i woke up to a sunny house and this:  


what an effin’ munchkin. oh, and this — otherwise known as the best breakfast i’ve had in a long while:  

so peaceful.


a serving of fage 0%, tons of fresh strawberries, around 1/3 c. oats topped with the most delicious, crunchy granola i’ve ever had. oh, and a mug full of coffee with soy in a mug i painted in 1997. what thiefs! they have a lot of pottery i’ve painted as well as my huge drawings hung around the house. i actually love that they have framed my artwork from when i was younger, though. all of this was enjoyed with a magazine and my new favorite obsession, stereomood, humming along in the background.  

hello, yummy.


everyone, try this granola! it was seedy, crunchy, lightly sweet and i loved it. i must have been pooped from my week and previous weekend in new york, because i slept until 11:30 am, ate breakfast, and passed out reading my book (i just finished the guernsey literary and potato peel society, which i enjoyed, and started bonfire of the vanities, which i stole from my brothers house because i got into it). so, lotsa sleep and then a long nap, followed by more reading. the definition of relaxation.  

mmm, queso.


the fiance arrived home toting gifts – namely the cheese you see above. she is a team leader at whole foods, and is in charge of the entire cheese department. can you say awesome? we shmoozed and cleaned up just in time for my brudda to return home, and then the 3 of us got to cookin’! cocktails were consumed before that, though, with the cheese – a very soft goat cheese, a mild but creamy and very flavorful blue cheese, and some sort of hard cheese that reminded me of robusto. i had a beer and some cheesles, and then i got to working on a strawberry rhubard pie crisp. now, the two of them are ridiculously amazing cooks, but they admittedly can’t bake, so i took the reins on this one with fiance helping. 

first, i cut up the rhubarb into bite size pieces, coated it in sugar (about 3/4 c.) and let it sit for about 15 minutes. i did the same with the strawberries (with 1/4 c. sugar), but in a separate bowl. once the rhubarb had sat for its specified time, i drained its bitter liquid off (the whole point of the sugar soaking) and added it to the berries, which produced this amazing strawberry juice as a result of its sugar party. i added the juice of 1/2 lemon, plus a healthy amount of zest. love my citrus! a bit of flour was added to thicken things up, and voila! the filling was complete. we had a frozen pie crust, but nothing to lattice top it with, so i suggested making a crumble. double decadence, i’d say.  



this crumble was so easy to make, albeit a little messy. now, i like my crumble more oat-ey and less flour-ey, so i kind of winged this. it was delectable, so so crunchy, but also rich. i combined: 

1 c. quick cooking oats (all we had) 

1 room temperature stick of butter 

1/3 c. flour 

1/2 c. dark brown sugar 

lemon zest 


you basically mush all of these ingredients together with your hands, until the texture gets all crumbly. i suggest cutting the butter into bite size pieces before you begin, so it incorporates faster. 

we then put the filling in the frozen pie crust and topped it with the crumble – we had a lot left over, so we made 2 mini crumbles in little casserole dishes. baked at 350* for about 45 minutes. your house will smell amazing! 

 while the pie was baking, my brother was whipping up this yummyness: 

a culinary delight.


sea scallops browned in kerrygold herbed butter, edamame/corn/red onion/heirloom tomato salad topped with arugula, garlic herb whole grain blend. there was also a big hunk of mahi mahi, but it didn’t appeal to me – the cut of the fish was just too thick. ps – the pie is below. keep in mind this is after we attacked it, and after it’s been in the fridge all night. it was so so good.  

not going to lie, this picture was taken the following morning. so sue me.



gratuitous doggy shot.


the next morning, i vowed to do more with my day, so sammy (the dog) and i set off on a little adventure. my brother and his fiance live just across the bridge from cambridge/harvard, and i was told it was about 2 miles away. easy peasy! the dog and i would have a nice day together. in reality, it was 3.5 miles away, so i got a nice little workout in with sammy as we enjoyed our 80* weather strolling in the sun.  

oh, charles.


it was pretty glorious, actually. on sundays, the entire road alongside the charles river is closed, so there are so so so many bikers/runners/babies/people out and about enjoying the fresh air. we finally got into the city of cambridge, and i needed an iced tea STAT! i got a black iced tea, poured sammy some water in her transportable bowl (no, really. she goes hiking a lot) and pulled out this month’s women’s health. i can’t WAIT to try out some of the burger recipes – in fact, katie already tried one and said it was glorious. 

just chillin' with her aunt.


sammy is one of those dogs who attracts people young and old (especially dudes, hubba hubba), so i had a lovely day talking to strangers and reading my magazine in the sunlight, sitting in a park is SO underrated.  

my hangout for the day.


after a 3.5 mile walk back, it was cooking time! we had people coming over for a bbq (a groomsmen, his wife and my friend). we cooked up a STORM, but i don’t have any pictures, sorry. i’ll give you a rundown: homeade guacamole (true story, i am a guacamole making prodigy), the mnost delicious turkey burger i have ever had in my entire life (brother homeade), sweet potato fries that i handcut (woah, i know), a bean and basil salad that i whipped up, and a cabbage slaw that the fiance put together. all topped off with a fruit tart from whole foods to complete the celebration! it was so fun to hang out, have drinks with friends, eat on the porch in rocking chairs, and snuggle with dogs (the other couple brought their two over). 

we all felt like this at the end of the night: 

pooped puppy.


 monday was a sad day, because i had to leave, but i am so grateful i was able to spend time with my family over the holiday weekend. a good relaxation – what we all need now and then. 

what is your favorite way to relax? i love being outside, it always calms me down. oh, and reading. i’m a nerd, what can i say. 



2 responses to “spa vacation.

  1. Looks like a great weekend!

    My favorite way to relax is lounging outside with a good book…but I usually fall asleep after a few pages. :)

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Strawberry rhubarb pie is my favorite, but I’ve yet to have an occasion to make it this year…why should I need an occasion though?! And your pup is too cute :)

    I like to relax by reading and lying around talking to friends. Nothing calms me down more than a good long talk with the people I love!

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