i dreamed a dream.

i know it’s thursday, but i have been playing the idina menzel/lea michele song “i dreamed a dream” from tuesday night’s glee episode on repeat. i’m not kidding. yesterday, i listened to the spring awakening soundtrack 3 times, and then switched to i dreamed a dream. for 9 hours. ain’t no lie. oh, broadway. how i love you.  

yesterday was a whirlwind! i tried tried tried with all my might to make it to the gym in the morning, but it wasn’t in the cards. my bed and i are having a love affair. instead, i got up a little early and headed to work – 40 minutes early! go me. i actually prefer getting to work earlier than everyone else, gives me some time to set up, put my things away and settle in.  

i was a hangry woman yesterday morning, so breakfast saved me – 1/2 c. eggbeaters with 1 tbsp. parmesan cheese and chili flake, 1/3 c. oatmeal with cinnamon and splenda. and duhface, coffee with skim. i switch between skim and soy depending on what i’m having for breakfast — if my meal is dairy heavy, i go for the soy, if it’s not, i go for the skim. is that weird?   

colinear points?

 i’ve been slacking off on BFL – not so much on eating the correct proportions of fat//carbohydrate//protein, but not eating the 6 mini meals, and instead eating 5 bigger meals. i have decided that i feel better when i have little snackies, so yesterday i made a concerted effort to stick to the plan. so, breakfast was eaten around 9, and 1 serving of turkey jerky and an apple were consumed around 11:30.   

ya jerk!

 yep, i’m back on the animals. i know vegetarianism is a wonderful lifestyle, but it isn’t for me. i have much more energy when i eat “meat” of some kind, and though meat will never again be my go to for every meal, i have definitely been incorporating it into my life more. but fear not! boca crumbles/tofu/etc. have not left my life for good, because let’s be honest, that would be terrible. so delicious!     

thank lawdy, i was proven wrong.

 lunch (around 3) was 1/3 c. edamame, broccoli and a tofu burger that i picked up at trader joe’s. i was so not looking forward to this burger, because when i opened the package, it was greasegreasegreasy. it was actually pretty tasty, didn’t need a condiment or anything, but upon further inspection of it’s nutritional stats (12g fat, 7g carb, 11g protein), i will not be buying these again – i don’t love when the fat is higher than the both the carb and the protein, unless it’s something sinfully delicious. impulse buy!    


  work was really stressful yesterday – coordinating meetings and tech stuff between 6 people sucks (and it’s not my job! i was doing someone a favor), so i was running around quite a bit. i did have time to enjoy my favorite bar, though, at 5:15 pm. luna protein cherry almond with green pepper and cucumber! side note – why is green pepper less expensive than the other colors? besides yellow, it’s my favorite! i never buy red. oh, and notice that little girl picking her nose in the background? it’s a card my best friend sent me for my birthday, and i keep it there because it makes me laugh a lot. the mail guy was dropping off a package once and asked if it was my sister. um no. IT’S A CARD.  i headed to the gym after work for an intense HIIT workout (treadmill! how i haven’t missed you. did feel good to sweat sweat sweat though) and a great lower body workout. i will update you on my progress soon – life has been a little crazy – but i can really tell a difference in my legs. though i haven’t been following body for life to a tee (gotta work on that), i am indeed seeing progress, and that’s all i want. i arrived home to a HUGE package of all new pots and pans that my roommates mom sent us, and while i unpacked it and cleaned the kitchen, girl roommate cooked us up a storm. 

such wee plates!

  this was chicken breast (the smallest one) cooked with balsamic, dijon, honey, garlic and other spices (it was delicious), req quinoa (i had 1/4 cup) cooked in broth and simply seasoned with salt, pepper and garnished with parsley, and a simple salad made with my dressing, tomatoes, arugula and herbs. all enjoyed while watching the modern family season finale. ave maria, anyone? as you can see, we’re still very much in transition. those are those teensy tiny paper plates, with little red plastic bowls used for the salad. we’re both going home to new york this weekend, but i’m hoping next week we can get the palce together a bit. 

 after dinner we attended a concert – otherwise known as blasting paul simon’s graceland while packing for our respective weekends. girls always have to bring so much home! but i’m getting much better at packing. i also am bringing my computer on the bus so i can catch up with lost in time for the finale on sunday – 4 more episodes. 

i can’t WAIT to go home to ny – i haven’t been since january! crazy, fool. love that my week also ends today. 

how have you guys dealt with periods of transition? i’m freaking out less than i thought about our house being a mess, but i just want it DONE.


4 responses to “i dreamed a dream.

  1. When I’m stressed, glum, or anything that’s a bit more “off” than usual, I try to get out as much as possible and see my friends. (And I am about to pop a Luna Protein right now, too! I really like them.)

  2. I love Luna proteins! The sugar is a bit high for a “snack”, but they’re a healthy alternative to a candy bar when I need a little pick me up :)

    Transitions are tough for me…I’m in one right now and my current method is kind of denial. Bad, I know. I just need to get to work and organize myself for the summer!

  3. I dreamed a very scary dream last night. I still gotta try luna protein bars.

  4. I’m the same way with dairy and breakfast. If I eat yogurt or cheese with breakfast, then I’ll have black or green tea without milk. I think it’s partly that my stomach gets upset if I eat too much dairy, or too many types of dairy, at once.

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