strike that, reverse it!

i may or may not have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning (read: i did). in an effort to not make the week start off on the wrong foot, i’ve decided to compile a list of all of the things that suck about today and make them better, a la ms. everythingtarian’s may of positivity.

con: it’s monday.

pro: i am going home on thursday afternoon, so it’s techically a 3.5 day week! wooooo!!!

con: it’s raining.

pro: that means a cozy day in my office with the arcade fire station on pandora playing in the background, providing the perfect mood.

con: i didn’t wake up early to go to the gym.

pro: oh hey, extra hour and a half of sleep.

con: boy roommate #1 is moving out today, like moving out to another city and onto different things. i’m really sad about it – he’s one of my closest friends.

pro: the city where he is moving is where a ton ton ton of my closest friends from college live. all the more reason to visit!

con: a new boy roommate #3 has moved in, and it’s really weird to get to know someone amidst the rubble and broken dreams of a transitioning roommate situation.

pro: maybe he will be really cool, and will also like to take out the trash?

that’s all i got. here’s to turning that frown upside down, all across america on the worst day of the week.

what is one negative you are turning into a positive today?


6 responses to “strike that, reverse it!

  1. con: i woke up and it was raining, aka no long run!
    pro: i made up for it with a killer weight sesh at the gym!

    Hope you have a great monday girl!!

  2. ohhh i LOVE this! i am thinking i need to make this into a new daily activity – it is the perfect positivity training.

    and i am checking out an arcade pandora station at work today.

    con: i didn’t shower this morning.

    pro: i rationalized that was okay by getting an extra 1/2 hour of sleep and dousing myself in perfume to make up for it.

    happy monday :)

  3. Con: travel is stressful
    Pro: I got home!

  4. con: it’s raining and gross out.

    pro: i’ve finally deep-cleaned the closet so the boy will have space to walk in!

  5. i had a doctor’s appointment this morning but it was an excuse to visit a new (and delicious) place for brunch!

  6. I love that your turning your cons into pros… something I need to work on.
    Con: I’m going to a conference that starts at 930am and ends at 1130pm for 3 days :(
    Pro: I get to see my family there, whom I haven’t seen in months

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