a new series.

hey y’all.

so on fridays, i tend to feel a little loopy because, it is the weekend after all! i’ve decided to introduce a new lil thang that will happen on fridays instead of a “normal post” – without further adieu, i introduce to you my five random thoughts of the week.

you don’t really want to get in my head, because i’m a little crazy in a good way, but i thought this could be a fun way for a) us to get to know each other a little better, since my identity is still kind of secret and all (i’m still mulling this one over), and b) it will allow me to just be plain weird without getting all those funny looks that are generally directed at me. some thoughts may be normal, others may not be…..but whatever.

DISCLAIMER: i’m not trying to be lori beth denberg or anything, because really, how can anyone be like her?

 1) i love hoops, and wear them pretty frequently, but i always feel like j. lo when i do.

2) sometimes, i want to marry my bed.

3) why are bald men’s heads always shiny?

4) sometimes i feel weird that instead of saying excuse me?, i only say pardon?

5) why is it so hard to use a dustpand?

told you you didn’t want to get in there – these were among the tamest (and most lame?) thoughts i’ve had this week.


i am going to the preakness and will wear a sundress and drink a cold beer in honor of all of you tomorrow.


3 responses to “a new series.

  1. You did NOT just bring out the Lori Beth! I miss that big red couch.

    The dustpan itself is okay for me, but it’s the dust LINE that never goes away. Grr.

  2. Love this idea! Everyone always tells me I have such random things that I think of and they come out of no where. Why is a dust pan so hard to use??

  3. I think I am married to my bed, at least engaged :-)

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