so i’ve been working really hard these past few weeks. and i’ve taken a total of 3 days off since i started work last july (god, has it already been almost a year?), so when i didn’t feel well at work on tuesday, i made the executive decision (in my brain) that wednesday was going to be a mental health day. and also a bit of a physical one since my head was ahurtin’. 

oh, what a day it was. 

i woke up around 9, but lounged in bed/read the paper/blogs until about 10, when i came downstairs. my morning started cheerfully with this: water with half a lemon in a pinkpinkpink glass. i always forget how much i enjoy lemon water, and it’s good for you, too!   

so many colors!


while i cleaned (my kitchen is perpetually messy, woof), i brewed up this bad boy. like the new fruit bowl my mom sent me? i think it jazzes the place up.  

nothing like zee french press.


i then cooked up this lovely breakfast: 1 grapefruit (0g f//10g c//0g p), 1 piece dry ezekiel (.5g f//15g c// 4g p), 3/4 c. eggbeaters (0g f//3g c//18g p), 1 tbsp parmesan cheese (1.5g f//0g c//2g p) for a total of 2g f//28g c//24g p. i’m getting better at this!  

a non-wheaties breakfast for champions.


i ate breakfast at 11, but lounged around taking care of business (emails, bank stuff, watching the cooking network) until about 1. i was hangry before i left for the gym, so i had half of a luna protein bar before walking out the door. hey, nails that need to be painted.  

cooooooooookie crisp.


after a stellar workout (25 min HIIT – i was dying), legs legs legs, i came home nice and sweaty to my new favorite thing: 1 serving greek yogurt (0g f//7g c//22g p), 1/3 c. oats (2g f//18g c//3g p), 1 tbsp pb (8g f//3g c//4g p) and 1 tsp. reduced sugar raspberry jam (0//3//0) for a total of 10g f//31g c//29g p.  

yog in mah face.


after a shower and a cleaned out bureau (go me!), i decided a manicure, pedicure and movie were in order. stand by me was free on demand, so i watched it, and i loved it. it was so funny to see a young jerry o’connell and kiefer sutherland! and i got sad about river phoenix’s death all over again.  

those cherry tomatoes look like bouncy balls. (say that in a southern accent).


dinner was glorious – 1/2 piece salmon simply seared with salt and pepper, gorgeous cherry tomatoes, and “cheesy mushroom risotto.” i started by sauteeing about 5 (huge) mushrooms and 1/8 of a yellow onion in some cooking spray wtih salt, pepper, garlic powder, basil and chili flake. once tender, i added 1/2 c. of some leftover bulgur i had sitting in the fridge, and moistened it with 1/8c. water. once everything was combined, i added 2 tbsp. nooch and blended well. this was so good. earthy, nutty, cheesy and impressively good for you. total for dinner was 15g f//24g c//36g p. 

after some girl talk and eyebrown plucking (god, i didn’t know how much i missed living with a girl), it was time to watch modern family. a snack was in order: 

well that's protein cake, gosh darn it!


my very first protein cake! i followed one of mama pea’s  Reese’s PB Protein Cake and tweaked it by adding cinnamon. next time, i would add a little more liquid because this was a bit dry – i’m excited to experiment with this. great snack! total was 11.5g f//9g c//23g p. 

quite a succesful day of eats and working out, if i do say so myself! i love recharging.  

does anyone else need mental health days now and then? i don’t need them often, but when i need them, i need them.


2 responses to “mental.

  1. I never skipped school until senior year of HS, when I became queen of “mental health days”. Nothing wrong with a day off every once in awhile!! That protein cake sounds awesome, I’ll have to check out mama pea’s recipe! Hope today is going well for you :)

  2. Yes! After any big exam I need at least one day of just chillin :-)

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