yesterday was such a “mad men” day that i can’t even begin to explain it. but i’ll try. 

first things first: look at this delicious thing. i can’t believe i haven’t had greek yogurt in so long! we’re talking months. 

dear plain yogurt, 

you have been wonderful to me (and my wallet), a comfort in hard times and always delicious. it’s time, though, that we both move on. i’m sorry to say i’ve found someone else. i’m sorry, and wish you only the best. 



oh my god, oh my god you guys.

 if you can name the musical that the above caption is from, you are officially my new favorite person. this is 1 serving of greek yogurt with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter, 1 tsp. reduced sugar raspberry jam and 3/4 cup barbara’s shredded spoonfuls. the stats of this meal were very stellar too, registering as 9.5g fat//39g carbs//31g protein. 

so here comes mad men tale numero uno: 

lunch was a business meeting at a very fancy italian restaurant, potenza. it was with my department, and while it was lighthearted, serious issues needed to be discussed (don’t worry, no one was fired!). for the most part, i really enjoy the people i work with – though my closest friends are in other departments – but lunch was awkward, or i felt it was so, because i felt very judged for what i ordered and how i ate [delicious salad with blackened shrimp, hearts of palm, olives and cherry tomatoes] while everyone else got full on meals. it wasn’t like i was limiting my intake, that’s just what i was in the mood for after eating a later breakfast.  has this happened to anyone else? 

after a glorious two hour lunch (literally, two hours), work was done, music was bopped to…. and then this happened: 

doritos ain't got nothin' on me!

 3/4 c. eggbeaters with chili flake, oregano and salties, and ranch roasted chickpeas. hello, lovah. 

the most delicious snack ever: 

rinse and drain a can of chickpeas and spread evenly onto a baking sheet that has been lightly misted with cooking oil. 

pop into a 400* oven for about 20 minutes to begin the drying out process. 

after 20 minutes, toss with chickpeas with 1 tsp. olive oil, 1 tbsp. ranch dip mix, and a hefty shake of chili flake

pop back into oven until crispy, about 10 – 15 minutes depending on your oven. 


i stored these in a tupperware for about 2 days before i had the chance to break into them, and these are a lovely, salty snack that are a good alternative to afternoon popcorn/a trip to the vending machine for that salty fix. make these! 

mad men tale numero dos: 

around 6, i headed upstairs to the big fancy lobby for a cocktail reception and then an awards dinner for some great pro bono work that has been done at my firm. people were honored if they had put in a certain amount of hours (i happened to be one of them). there were free drinks (i had 1.5 glasses of red wine), a delicious dinner (shitake salmon, roasted asparagus, salad) and gorgeous fruit platters for dessert as well as a speaker – a very influential public interest lawyer in the dc area. drinking at work?! with your bosses?! you betcha. 

i didn’t make it to the gym, so today is gonna be go big or go home – otherwise known as cardio and legs. bring it on! 

have any of you ever had uncomfortable dining situations because of the way you choose to eat? if so, how do you deal with it? i felt pretty awkward and judged, especially when i didn’t get dessert, even though i truly didn’t want any.


4 responses to “decisions.

  1. Legally Blonde the musical :)

    I definitely have been judged for the way I eat before. It used to make me far more self-conscious, but now most of my family just knows that’s the way I am. I defintely get comments though!!

  2. Yes, probably a million times. It is so frustrating when you order a salad and everyone assumes you are on some crazy diet, sheesh.

  3. Katherine: What About Summer?

    I love greek yogurt. stomach full of protein and cultures to digest.

    I think I have issues every time I eat out… I’m bad for the restaurant industry

  4. HA I feel you on the yog. I haven’t bought plain in so long… it tastes so thin and flimsy compared to the Greek!

    I felt awkward last night when I requested a large salad instead of the creamy soup + Caesar salad that came with my meal. (The soup came anyway, and the salad was dripping with dressing.) But when it comes down to it, I’m the one who’s going to be eating it, and as long as I’m not being obnoxious about it, I don’t think anyone- wait staff or dining companion- needs to weigh in on my food choices.

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