who am i?

you guys, i don’t know what’s happening to me.  

yesterday, i woke up, no problemo, to hit the gym before work. i think the sunlight has a lot to do with it, but i feel like i’m a whole different person! i don’t mind it.  

sleepy eyed (and sleepy haired), i made my way to the “man zone” after a 3 minute warm up for an upper body workout. it was hard today – but that’s good. my arms are definitely getting stronger, but i want some straight up definition! not like this though, thankyouverymuch.  


dumbbell bench press: lying on a bench press, start with weights at your shoulders and push straight up.  

12 @ 10 lbs., 10 @ 12.5 lbs., 8 @ 15 lbs., 6 @ 20 lbs., 12 @ 10 lbs.  

incline dumbbell bench: same exact movement, but with the bench press on an incline – it’s harder, so i used lighter weights.  

12 @ 7.5 lbs., 10 @ 10 lbs., 8 @ 12.5 lbs., 6@ 15 lbs., 12 @ 7.5 lbs.  


seated dumbell press: sitting upright on a bench press, start with weights at shoulders and lift straight up.  

12@ 10 lbs., 10 @ 12.5 lbs., 8 @ 15 lbs., 6 @ 15 lbs. (i could not do 20. next week!), 12 @ 12.5 lbs.  

bent over raises: essentially side raises, but leaning over.  

12 @ 5 lbs., 10 @ 7.5 lbs., 12 @ 5 lbs. — these were so hard. i really needed lighter weights, but couldn’t find any.  

** my shoulders are very weak compared to the rest of my upper body. i really want to work on these muscles – they’re sexy and important!**  


single arm rows: have left leg and left bent knee on bench press, “row up” with your right arm. repeat on left side.  

12 @ 10 lbs., 10 @ 12.5 lbs., 8 @ 15 lbs., 6 @ 20 lbs., 12 @ 10 lbs.  

reverse grip pulldowns: the pulldown machine, but using a reverse grip.  

12 @ 20 lbs., 10 @ 30 lbs., 8 @ 40 lbs., 6 @ 50 lbs., 12 @ 20 lbs.  


pulldowns with rope attachment:  

12 @ 20 lbs., 10 @ 25 lbs., 8 @ 30 lbs., 6 @ 40 lbs., 12 @ 25 lbs.  

overhead tricep raise:  

12 @ 10 lbs., 10 @ 12.5 lbs., 8 @ 15 lbs., 6 @ 20 lbs., 12 @ 10 lbs.  


incline dumbbell curls: normal sitting dumbbell curls, but sitting on an inclined bench press  

12 @ 7.5 lbs., 10 @ 10 lbs., 8 @ 12.5 lbs., 6@ 15 lbs., 12 @ 7.5 lbs.  

seated dumbbell curls: same thing above, but with a straight back.  

12 @ 10 lbs., 10 @ 12.5 lbs., 8 @ 15 lbs., 6 @ 20 lbs., 12 @ 10 lbs.  


phew! after my back, i was POOPED. the final two muscles were tough. i like these exercises, but know i’m going to feel limited soon. i’m excited to introduce new moves that aren’t explicity listed in the body for life book.  

if you have any questions about these exercises, shoot me an email! kickitwoman@gmail.com.  

meals were pretty standard today, with two standouts –  

what up snackplate. 

doesn't that melted string cheese look like frosting?


this was raw green beans (my very favorite veggie snack, always has been), 1/4 block tofu marinaded in ginger, soy, sesame oil, red pepper flake, a lite string cheese – half eaten normally, and half melted onto a piece of ezekiel bread that i then doused in some texas pete’s! it’s no franks, but hey, we get free packets at work. side note: why is all hot sauce named after men? franks, texas pete’s, dave’s gourmet… hmm. 

for meal 4, i had brought some ranch roasted chickpeas (will post “recipe” soon), but i needed a protein component to go along with them. i really wanted turkey jerky, but no dice. instead of buying mass produed beef jerky (shudder) at cvs, i found this new bar: 

great stats, funky taste.

 impressive stats, especially for body for life: 5g fat//18g carbs//20g protein. fab, right? well, this made my stomach hate me. i am not used to eating so many chemicals! in a pinch, this will totally do, but i am not making a habit of ingesting stuff like this on a normal basis. it did fill me up, though. 

cinco de mayo was celebrated, a margarita was had, and dinner (not mexican, fun fact i don’t really like mexican food unless it involves GUAC) was enjoyed. 

until tomorrow, bloggies! 

what is your favorite “fancy drink”? when i was little, i was OBSESSED with virgin pina coladas, but now a caipirinha will do this girl’s body good.


3 responses to “who am i?

  1. Dang girl, that’s a serious workout! Way to go!! I’m a champagne girl all the way :)

  2. Wow, way to work the weight! I thought that bar had an odd taste too, but ate some just for the nutrition stats!

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