check in.

before i delve into this post, i’d like to address a few things happening in my life today, may 5th:

– i accidentally look like a work slut. i didn’t realize my dress was so short! gah.

– i went to the gym this morning with my breakfast tupperwares in my bag. guess who now has eggbeaters on her bra? moi.

it’s gonna be a doozy, people. just can’t wait for my cinco de mayo margarita.

– and now, back to the regularly scheduled programming –

whelp, it’s the beginning of may, so i guess that it’s time to review my april. the beginning of april was important, as it marked a huge “bye bye!” to my winter blues. for a while there i was still shaking them off, but i’ve made huge progress and may has now been dubbed the month of transformation.

so, without further delay…

1) i wanted to spend money on meaningful things, rather than just stupid stuff. how did i do?

i’m not going to pretend i didn’t buy superfluous items, but i did buy things that i needed/use, such as a running hat, an ipod arm band, socks, a new sportsbra and a really nice pair of black wedge sandals. check!

2) i wanted to shed the obligation with fitness.

it took me a while to get back in the groove, but i got a bike and started body for life and have been exercising pretty solidly for about two weeks now. it took a while, but i’m back, baby! check!

3) i wanted to be more self confident – so much easier said than done.

i definitely still struggle with this one, but am feeling better since eating better and working out. i have been extremely social and spontaneous, which again, is a huge improvement from the winter when i barely saw anyone and my best friends were the couch and a pint of ice cream. no, seriously. all in all, this is something i’m working toward everyday, and a huge hurdle for me. check!

4) i wanted to be active in all facets of my life.

this is a big one for me. i love me some tv, but have really been playing sports, reading and being outside. tv is barely on during the weekends anymore! a huge check for this one – and it’s going to stay that way. yay.

looking back on it, while i still have a lot of growing to do, april was pretty productive (quite surprising, actually).

DUN DUN DUN………. time for may goals.

i actually don’t have any. i really just want to keep on keepin’ on, continuing on my path to a better mind and a better body. it all starts there for me. that was surprisingly refreshing to write.

i don’t have any may goals.

i just want to be me.

a happy me.

well, that’s a first.

wait! i lied. yesterday i did an HIIT routine on the treadmill and died. died dead died. i had to hold on almost the entire time! i want my running skills back. and i want to up my cardio routines. there! i said it, my may goals.


p.s. vitatops!


4 responses to “check in.

  1. Sorry about the food spill, not going to say it has never happened to me haha.
    It sounds like April was full of growth for you, keep it up girl!

  2. I love your May goal. As much as I love to make goals and lists, if you’re not happy with yourself then they’re really pointless! Spring always turns me into a happier person too :)

  3. You’re doing a great job with your goals, and it’s only May 5!

    I also rolled into work with a super short skirt. Whoops. Where are the bike shorts when I need them?

  4. Some times no goals are goals… it’s a nice little break. I like your’s of just being you.

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