a day in the life.

so i figured, since you’re interested in my workouts and all, that you’d be interested in what i eat each day. i generally don’t like posting each and every meal because it’s repetitive (i’m the kind of eater who LOVES something and eats it for a few months, and then gets tired of it any moves on).   

so, in honor of you, i’m posting everything i ate yesterday (monday) and tallying fat/carb/protein ratios. in body for life, we aim for a 20/40/40 ratio.   

breakfast was later than usual (i usually eat around 8) because i couldn’t get out of bed. cmon! it was raining!   

3/4 c. eggbeaters, 1/3 c. oatmeal, 1 tbsp raisins and coffee with a splash of skim. this is a foolproof breakfast because a) it can all be made in the microwave, and b) it keeps me full for hours.   

2.5g fat//31g carbs//22g protein


snackypants was this luna protein bar in chocolate cherry almond. since i ate breakfast late, i ate my second meal around lunch time, aka 12:30. oops? i have never had this flavor before and loved it – i usually never rely on bars for meals/snacks, but they’re so easy to throw in my bag. and one less tupperware to tote around and wash (thank you again, elise, for hooking me up with some of these).   

7g fat//21g carbs//12g protein


meal 3 was supposed to be eaten at 2:30, but ended up being consumed at 3:00 because a coworker came into chat about some important things.   

this was 2 slices ezekiel bread, 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter, a lite string cheese and cucumber with salt and pepper.   

21gfat//37g carbs//24g protein


meal 4 would have been eaten around 5 – 3/4 c. 1% cottage cheese with a small apple, topped with a buttload of cinnamon, but i just wasn’t hungry. i know i’m supposed to stick with the 6 meals a day thing, but i’m not going to eat if i’m really just not in the mood to.  

 meal 5 (aka meal 4) was eaten after my lower body workout (it was a good one!) and was absolutely delicious: 2/3 c. morningstar meal starters, 1/2 cup tomato sauce, broccoli, 2 tbsp nutritional yeast, oregano and chili flake. i like the morningstar crumbles better than boca! more flavor.  

5g fat//18g carbs//19g protein


i folded laundry, cooked (see! i told you i would get my weekly cooking done) and then sat down to have a smoothie with gossip girl. oh, rufus. this had 1 c. lite soymilk, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 frozen banana and ice. simple!    

2.5g fat//26g carbs//30.5g protein

 total: 38g fat//133g carbs//107.5g protein. as you can see, i have to work on upping my protein grams!  


yesterday marked my first week on the body for life program. how do i like it?  

i feel like i’m eating all the time, but if you actually break down the caloric content of my meals (you don’t calorie count on this program), they’re all reasonable – i guess the healthy food combined with the fat/carb/protein ratio keeps me pretty full. last week was difficult, when you are new to the program (which i still am), it’s hard to plan 3 – 4 meals to eat at work with the correct ratio! i also want to start eating more veggies, so i picked up some great raw ones to snack on at the store this weekend.  

the one thing i’ve had trouble with, as someone who doesn’t eat much meat, is upping my protein content without upping my carb content at the same time. any suggestions? i am okay with eating organic sliced deli turkey, i’m still iffy about chicken, but i’ll think about it. it’s more of a taste issue than anything else, really. well that, and, it kind of freaks me out. i’m into veggie prepared stuff (soysage, etc.) but it’s so processed and $$, i don’t want it to be my go to.  

as for the workouts/physical aspects of it, i really enjoy it. yes, the workouts involve planning, but it’s nice to go to the gym and know exactly what to do. i’m hoping to up the intensity of my workouts this week. i haven’t yet detected a physical difference (other than the fact that i feel so much better), but i have lost FIVE POUNDS in one week. i’m sure a lot of it was water weight, but still! definitely a good start.


5 responses to “a day in the life.

  1. Awesome job on the weight loss so far!! I don’t eat meat, and I’ve come to really love tempeh as a quick protein source! It’s awesome in salads!

  2. Five pounds is fantastic! Congrats girlie!

  3. BFL sounds amazing! The plan is most appealing to me because I’m a constant snacker. And how good are those Luna proteins? I need to restock!

  4. 5 pounds? That’s awesome!
    Yea I avoid posting ALL of my meals because I’m very much the same–if I like it, I eat it ALL the time and that can get pretty boring!

  5. check out this comparison chart : http://www.wellnessfoods.ca/thesimplybar-protein-bar-comparison.html

    it shows you the nutritional information of all the top protein bar brands.

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