things i did not do yesterday that i usually do:  

a)  feel like finishing my workout. 

instead, i putzed around for 20 minutes, stretched, and then met my friend to play tennis in the 95*, humid weather. at least i sweat!  

b) stay away from fake drinks.  

just looking at this photo gives me anxiety.

                          b1. this photo is sideways.

                          b2. do you see  that mess?

                          b3. after said tennis match, i was deeehydrated. certainly the fact that i was a wee bit hungover did not help. i drank this. and it was good.


c) clean my room. 

                    see above picture. I HATE CLEANING MY ROOM.  

d) cook in bulk for the week. 

                 oops. will do that tonight. 

e) read my book in the sun. 

                does playing tennis and having brunch with friends count as a good   replacement?  

f) pick up my house.               

           whatever i did my laundry. 

g) watch my netflix movie.                

             instead roommate #2 made us watch v for vendetta. it was the worst movie i’ve seen in recent history, even natalie portman couldn’t save it. 

h) stay up late to play mario tennis. 

               this girl was out like a light at 11:30. 

whelp! there you go! here’s to hoping today is a little more…. productive. 

hope you all have good mondays, whereever you may be. mondays are the worst.


3 responses to “yesterday.

  1. Tennis in 95 degrees? You are a machine!

  2. Ahhh sometimes fake drinks are exactly what the doctor ordered. They’re my only vice- I figure that there are worse things! Hope you have a great Tuesday!!

  3. Haha, well, it sounds like you have an uwful lot to do today! I go for the artificially flavored drinks sometiems too. At least it was not soda!

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