a quickie.

this is going to be lighting speed, my friends!   


a) i know i’ve insinuated things are crazy at work, but they are really nutballs. last night i was here until 11 and worked straight through dinner!   

b) me hongry when me get home.  

c) me make best dinner ever accidentally (no picture, as me was ty ty and hongry):  

1/2 c. oats, cooked with water in the microwave, 2 tbsp soy sauce and leftover roasted asparagus stirred in topped with a fried egg. sounds gross, i know, but this was seriously like fried rice but creamier. i went to bed dreaming of it.  

d) since i wouldn’t go to the gym yesterday because i was at work, i made myself get out of bed this morning (!!!!). since i missed a cardio session on thursday, i did a combined workout today:  

tuesday’s HIIT elliptical method, but on “gluteal 1” instead of “cross training 1” – gluteal was so much harder.  

arms – instead of working each muscle with two exercises, i did each muscle once. i was short on time! and something is better than nothing — i don’t have the time to put up my exercises today, but i promise promise i will early next week. they are great, and i already feel a difference in my body!  

e) IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!  

f) one year ago tomorrow, i graduated from college. that, my friends, is pure insanity.  

cheers, chicas!  




3 responses to “a quickie.

  1. Time flies…I can’t believe I graduated from HS 2 years ago already! And your dinner sounds delish, I love savory oats…they’re awesome with nutritional yeast, too! Hope you have a great Friday!

  2. Interesting that changing the setting on the elliptical really does make a difference, I really need to play around with that.

  3. I’ve been out NINE years. Just wait. It goes faster as time goes on!

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