can i just say how liberating it is to go to the gym, change, workout for twenty minutes and come home? BECAUSE IT IS. after work, which was another day filled of absolute craziness, i had a headache and just wanted to go home and mentally prepare for glee (which i did not like last night, by the way). instead, i hauled my sorry self to the gym, where i had intervals planned out — the body for life program states that you just need to maximize 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times a week to see results. i was skeptical – 20 minutes! that’s usually not even halfway through a cardio workout for me! 

i was proven wrong, yet again. 

my foot is still feeling funky (result of about 34503475 rolled ankles) so i headed for the elliptical, which i wasn’t thrilled about. it’s boring, but then again you can do 20 minutes of anything! i set the program on “cross training 1,” and followed this interval plan: 

min 0 – 1: resistance 3.0, 1 – 2: 4.0 [warm-up] 

min 2 – 3: 5.0, 3 – 4: 6.0, 4 – 5: 7.0, 5 – 6: 8.0 [i repeated this cycle 4 times] 

min 18 – 19: 12.0 [i cranked it up for this one, wanted to go all out!] 

min 19 – 20: 2.0 [cool down] 

this flew by, and when i got a glimpse of myself in the mirror, i was all, who is that red, sweaty girl! seriously, i was so sweaty after only 20 minutes. maybe there isssss something to this. combine that cardio workout with the fact that i still can’t move my arms (even though it wasn’t “hard” at the time), i think i’m going to like this program. 

fun fact: when i went to take my dress off in the locker room, it took me literally 5 minutes because i couldn’t figure out how to lift my arms up. so sore. 


i had a dr. appointment before work (woof), so had a chocolate protein shake in the morning. it was good, but those things really fill me up. “traffic”, and by traffic i mean students going on college tours at gw (where my dr. is) made me later for work than usual, so i picked up some coffee on the way (not starbucks). surprise! it was grosser than my cafeteria and starbucks combined! i just can’t win. 

once settled, i dug into meal 2 while getting an atrocious number of papercuts and figuring otu the order of things. doesn’t my desk just scream stress in this photo? BECAUSE IT DOES TO ME. 

take that, binder!


when “lunch time” came, aka the time of the day where you eat lunch but keep on working, i was excited to dig into this:  

take that, email and paperclip holder!


on sunday, i cooked up a whole bunch of quinoa and a block of tofu so i could grab meals quickly throughout the week. this here is 1/2 c. quinoa cooked with bouillon (the chik’n kind from whole foods) and broccoli topped with a bit o’ trader joe’s rustico pomodoro sauce (the actual best tomato sauce in the world) and 1/4 block tofu marinated in soy, sesame oil, garlic, ginger powder and chili flake and broiled until crispy. 

the until crispy part was kind of an accident, but it was so delicious! this is how i will be making my tofu from now on. 

meal 5 escaped the camera because i was buried under piles of paper. i am not kidding. it was so good though – wow, i had good eats yesterday – 1/2 c. plain yogurt, 1 tbsp pb, 1/3 c. raw oats. (confession – i love raw oats in yogurt, so chewy and good! not gross, swear on my motha). 

gym, shower, clean, yadda yadda, then this: 

was totally reading this during dinner.

 1/2 piece salmon (bought frozen from trader joes) marinated in ginger, garlic, chili flake and soy, 1/3 of the biggest sweet potato i’ve ever seen in my life, and some broc. all cooked while hanging out with the roommates, talking about rugby, the etiquette of hooking up with freshman girls when you are 24, and the goldman sachs case. very well rounded, don’t you think? 

“dessert” was another shake with 1/2 frozen banana, 1 c. lite soymilk and 1 scoop whey protein powder. it was really good! and you know what? after that dinner, i was hungry again – i think that means i’m eating the correct portions. ima tryin’ here! 

friends came over, glee was watched, as was 90210, then bed happened. mmmm bed. i dream about my bed. 

does anyone else watch the new 90210? i know i can’t be alone in this. i love it, in a really embarrasing way. don’t tell. 

(another sidenote: i’m going to continue posting in the morning, and they should be up by 10/10:30 am. i’m trying for consistency!)


4 responses to “liberation.

  1. Great job on getting in a super duper and time efficient workout!

  2. dude, bad coffee = sucky. sorry abouth that.

    love the bulk sunday cooking – well done you!! that tupp full of quinoa/tofu yum has me wanting the same thing.

    your desk does stress me out a bit btw :(

  3. BFL is sounding better and better every day!

    When I was in college, I was so good about making big batches of tofu and grains… but now, when I really need to save time, I rarely do it! THIS WEEKEND. Thanks for the reminder :-)

  4. I actually googled a HIIT elliptical workout earlier this evening and couldn’t find a good one, so I might have to swipe yours! Thanks for sharing :)

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