alright, alright.

day one of body for life officially done.    

i feel…. stressed out. it’s so many new things for me all at once, and i wasn’t as prepared as i could have been. that being said, i think with a little planning, it will get much easier as the weeks go on. another reason it was a shock is because it completely changes my eating schedule! i’m used to eating breakfast at 10, lunch at 2, a snack at 5 and dinner at 8 or so — i actually got up early to eat breakfast (at home!) at 8 am. and i kind of liked it.    

can we look how big that trophy is? hilarious.


so, heeeere goes:    

breakfast was 1 c. lite soymilk, 1 packet vanilla whey protein powder, spinach, 1/2 banana, frozen peaches, 1 tsp amazing grass powder.    

on certain mondays, i get to work down in the courts, so i picked up a small coffee with skim and a splenda on the way to sip while working intake. i felt awkward eating my second meal in front of clients/my pro bono boss, so i ate it in parts — a golden delicious apple at 10:30 and two lite string cheeses at 12:45. no picture because, well, i was at work! and in court!    

i hustled, and i mean hustled back to my office around 1:40 so i could make it to a conference call at 2 that i was conducting. this was a busy, busy day. and i was STRESSED. after the call, i tried to stomach some indian food – garbanzo beans/potatoes in spicy tomato sauce – that i added spinach and green beans to. this was too spicy and i only ate about 3/4 of a serving.    

this looks so innocent. holy pants on fire!


work work work interspersed with some food blogs (it totally throws me off when i can’t read them and say hello to everyone in the morning), i enjoyed this deliciousness. sorry, but there is actually no way to make this look appetizing.    

1/2 c. cottage cheese, 1 tsp reduced sugar jam, 1 c. puffed wheat.


i was totally looking forward to booking it to the gym at 5:30, but on the days you really want to go, something always implodes. in this case, it was work, and i ran my patootie around until about 6 45 tying up loose ends. i eventually got enough done that tomorrow will be less stressful, but geez! what a monday.    

le gym was an entirely new experience for me. first of all, i haven’t stepped foot in my gym in the month of april. oops. second of all, i’m used to gauging workouts in how sweaty i get, how red my face is, how wet my shirt is (too much information?). this was all entirely new – it was all lifting (with  literally 3minute warm up because my foot was bothering me from my soccer game).   

yesterday was upper body day, and i feel it today. that must mean i’m doing something right, right?   

with body for life, you do 2 exercises for the shoulders, back, chest, biceps and triceps. it was interesting getting to know what weight i needed to use – i think i need to up them next time. i am stronger than i think! i was kind of sweaty, but nothing like i am used to. i want to introduce 20 minutes of cardio on weight lifting days, but am going to stick to the program for the first 2 weeks or so and trust it. i don’t always know better, and i’m determined to prove that to myself. that sounds sadistic, but it needs to be said. 

dinner, or “meal 5” was simple, quick and SO GOOD. 1/2 c. egg whites with broccoli and parmesan, morningstar sausage patty, piece dry ezekiel and herb salad with olive oil and salt. like really, so good. meal 6 was a shake with 1/2 c. soy milk lite, water, 1/2 banana and protein powder. i wasn’t hungry for it, but sucked it down to follow the program. 

completely and utterly delicious. and simple.

after corresponding with janetha,  i feel like i have a better idea of my nutritional needs and will be working toward them – i feel like i’m eating all the time! but at least it’s all clean. well maybe not protein powder, but whatever. i’m looking forward to this journey, and am really hoping it’s going to change my body. 

question: are you guys interested in my workouts? i can totally break them down for you, but don’t want to bore you if you’re not into them. 

have a great day!


2 responses to “alright, alright.

  1. Yes! I’m interested! Please post, if it doesn’t take too much time.

    Good job on day 1! Glad you’re feeling the burn :-)

  2. Yay for completing day one! I always like to see what workouts others are up to!

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