hola! true story, my dad always used to pronounce the “h” in hola, no matter how many times we told him it was silent. so embarrasing!

i’m coming at you from a weekend full of so many good things:

a) a wonderful documentary followed by a three hour nap.

b) riding my bicycle home tipsy in the wee hours of the morn.

c) going to a hot chip/xx concert – easily the best concert experience of my life (and i go to a lot of shows).

d) winning the championship of the winter coed soccer league. ya heard! we got huge trophies that i haven’t gotten since approximately 1997.

e) watching (and weeping) through the pbs special “through a dog’s eyes” about guide dogs and the relationship they have with their owner. i just adore doglets.

i hope your weekends were beauts as well!

so, i’ve been a’thinkin. quite a bit, actually. while my emotional state has dramatically improved since the darkness of winter (i’m back to normal!), the depression really took a toll on my body. while i know i am in cardiovascular shape (hello, ten mile run), i feel jiggly and unwieldy. i haven’t had much motivation to hit the gym, and have been feeling pretty poopy about myself (physically).

lately, i’ve been spending a lot of time over on ms. janetha b’s blog and after seeing her results and lifestyle, ordered the book body for life myself.  you see, even when i exercise profusely, running and lifting, i still don’t see the results i want. i think i just don’t know what i’m doing, as much as i think i do. got me? this chica needs something new.

so, tomorrow, april 26th, i will be starting the 12 week body for life challenge. i mean, i want to look SICK (in a good way). i’m going to las vegas in july (hello, bikini) and am a bridesmaid in september and beyond looking great, because that is secondary to me, i want to feel great, feel beautiful, feel graceful. i don’t know if body for life will give me all of those things, but i’m going to try try try it. despite my past proclamations, i feel i am finally emotionally ready, clear, to do something that i know i can finish.

i don’t only need to make this change, but for the first time in a long time, i want to make this change. i’ve read the book twice, but feel that the program will take some acclimation. i don’t eat as much meat as the program calls for, so i will be playing around with my protein intake. any suggestions for high protein non-animal foods that are also not high in carbs? i have a feeling i’m going to be relying on tofu, protein powder and fish.

i hope you will all stick with me as i embark on this new journey, one that’s structured and manageable (hello, 20 minute cardio sessions and 45 minute lifting sessions!) i can’t WAIT to meet my new muscles!


3 responses to “revelation.

  1. Janetha always has some really great looking meals, so you could definitely grab some ideas from her. Good luck to ya, keep us all posted on how you like the new program. Oh, and a huge congrats on the championship win!!!

  2. I’ve been faintly flirting with starting Body for Life… can’t wait to see how you like it.

  3. Ah, I’m on my way to “sickness” too. Different method though, hopefully we get the same results :) good luck!

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