(sorry about the lack of pictures as of late, i left my camera at a friends house. will be getting it back tonight!)

so as we all know, mostly because the kind of people who read food blogs are fairly environmentally conscious, yesterday was earth day. now, i’m not a freak about the environment, but i most definitely live my life in a way that reduces waste and energy (example: we all know how i feel about tupperware). i also rarely eat meat, not so much for the ethical reasons but because it freaks me out. chicken, in particular. i don’t like it.

that being said, i’m not a “vegetarian” because a) i love fish, b) sometimes you just want meat! and c) i don’t like boxing myself into a category. i tried being a full out vegetarian, with a label, earlier this year and felt very constricted.  so, you can imagine my surprise when on earth day of all days, my odd meat craving struck. it wasn’t one of those cravings that a morningstar sausage patty would fix (delicious, by the way), but it was an intense, guttural thing saying “i want bacon!”

so, i got bacon. and you know what? it was awesome. i did feel a guilty twinge about eating meat on earth day – i’m very aware of the perils of factory farming and i try to eat organically and locally, but sometimes you just have to honor your body, even when what you really want isn’t something all angelic and healthy. leave it to me to crave meat on the one day we’re supposed to think more consciously about its consumption. welcome to my life of irony, everyone.

for the most part, i feel better when i consume less animal product (especially when said animal product is one big piece of fat, literally), but i think i’m going to relax my rules and stop feeling guilty when i crave meat. MEAT. ‘

moral of the story (which you can sing to the tune of katy perry’s “i kissed a girl”): i ate some meat, and i liked it.


side note: i know my posts as of late have been in a new, more random style. do we like these? i still want to post my daily eats (once i get my camera back), but are these fun to have, too? let a sister know!


4 responses to “ironic.

  1. No reason to feel guilty about eating meat, at least in my opinion. I was a vegetarian for about 5 years and found that I just wasn’t recovering like I should so now I eat a bit of meat.

  2. Amen, sister! I say eat what you like… there’s no reason you “should” be a vegetarian on principle. For me, I just try to make sure- as much is reasonably possible- that I am comfortable on where the food COMES from.

  3. (And yes, I like the new style! Go with it :-) )

  4. dont fight it girly. i randomly crave egg beaters once every few months or so and even though its not vegan, im certainly not gonna deny my body. i feel like you “crave” things for a reason sometimes, im not sure if thats a real thing (i doubt it), but who knows…maybe our bodies’ desires actually have some merit or rationale behind it?

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