an ode to coffee.

coffee is kind of like cilantro. you either love it, or you hate it. i happen to fall squarely on the love side, the kind of love that takes your breath away because it’s just so magnificent. and pure. and obsessive. wait, i take that last one back.

coffee and i have always been mates – i’m not addicted to it in the sense that i get a raging caffeine headache if i dont drink it, i just love the simple act of sipping in peace (somehow tea is not the same, i don’t know why.). my favorite time of the week, well one of them, is a sunday morning spent reading the nytimes style section (helloooo, weddings! and modern love!) on my computer because i am too poor to have a subscription, with a warm cup of freshly ground french press coffee. black. yum.

the weekends are the golden coffee days, often involving two or more cups of carefully ground and pressed and stirred oh my! sometimes, when i’m feeling extra saucy, i put my coffee in a mason jar and tote it around with me on my errands, savoring each sip even while i’m taking care of business. do i have problems, or am i just awesome? i really can’t tell.

it’s the work days though, that are more of a situation…

disclaimer: i think starbucks is gross (no one be offended, please?) it’s too bitter for me, so i can’t enjoy the inherent coffee flavor because all i get is an upset stomach and a caffeine buzz so outrageous that i’m scared for my life. however, the coffee we can get for free in my office is disgusting. i’m a huge fan of the word “free,” so i drink it every day, but it tastes like burnt soapy water. i try to disguise it as much as i can with soy milk and a splenda, but the only enjoyment i get out of it is the ability to keep my eyes open (don’t get me wrong, this is huge). compound this with the fact that yes, there is a starbucks in my lobby, and you have a class-A coffee dilemma. no, i don’t like starbucks, but it is way better than my office coffee that comes from fake beans ground up into crystalline powder or something. what’s a girl to do?

i’ll tell you what i do, because i’m doing it right now. i sip on my office coffee after it’s all doctored up, and pretend i’m in my pajamas at home instead of in my office. it’s the simple things, i tell ya, the simple things.

does anyone else love coffee as much as i do? there’s just something magical about it to me. and no, i’m not crazy.


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5 responses to “an ode to coffee.

  1. I love coffee too, decaf and regular. But I hear ya on Starbucks coffee being too bitter. Sometimes I get it just because it is convenient, but I have to dump in a ton of sweeteners and milk to like it.

  2. I love coffee too. I know what you mean about Starbucks being bitter. But a friend enlightened me about the beauty of “half-caf” and “americanos”, and my life was changed. They are a LOT better than the regular coffee you get there. The half-caf lessens that crazy over stimulated caffeine buzz, and the americano just tastes better than reg. coffee, but the added hot water makes it less intense than an espresso.

  3. I hate Starbucks coffee!!! The only way I like it is if I can get a soy pumpkin spice latte.

  4. I LOVE coffee. Unfortunately in the morning I’m usually in “chug mode” and really don’t taste it at all. The coffee at our office is also so, so gross. It’s Starbucks, and whoever makes it makes it REALLY strong… it’s almost thick, like syrup!

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