biker chick.

once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in dc. though she most definitely lived in dc proper, her rowhouse was in a residential, “gentrifying” neighborhood that, though she loved dearly, required public transportation to get to where the majority of her friends lived.  

on the weekends, full of soccer and lying in the park, she hated having to rely on the buses because they run less frequently. though she loves being with her friends, laughing, talking in weird accents and playing catch in the park with 2 year olds who have run away from their grandparents, it was always a pain, a burden, to wait 45 minutes to get home.  

this all changed one day when her fairy mother (not godmother, mother) brought her bike down to dc from new york. though it needed new tubes, dc has a lot of bike stores, so she was able to quickly get the proper materials (side note – did you know that all people who work in bike shops are insanely hot?) and she was lucky enough to have roommates who know how to fix and take care of bikes.  

on sunday, she felt comfortable enough to set off on her maiden voyage to her semi-final soccer game, helmet and all. keep in mind that the last time this girl rode a bike was in may, and not only did she fall into a bush and scrape herself, she also hit a pedestrian (way funnier/less serious than it sounds), so she was not very confident in her skills, especially when she would be riding with CARS. and other people. thankfully, she had the foresight to buy this:  

protecting my noggin!


three little birds, sat on my window. little girls double-dutch on the concrete.


so, off she set, on this beauty from 1980:  

this is what 1980 looks like.


 and they lived happily ever after. 


i hope you enjoyed my fairy tale! the verdict? i loved riding my bike as transportation. it was so freeing to not be reliant on the bus system! plus, it is pretty magnificent to be gliding down the urban streets of washington dc. another plus, i felt like part of the cool kids club. i’m so thankful this was lying around in my garage, and i can’ t wait to use it all summer long. bike rides in the park, anyone? 

does anyone else use a bike as one of their main forms of transportation? i have to admit, i was very wary of biking with cars and in traffic, but thankfully dc has beautifully cordoned off lanes that make biking a priority.


5 responses to “biker chick.

  1. I really want to bike more this summer, but I hate wearing helmets although I know that I really should. Your helmet looks nice though, so maybe I just need a new one.

  2. Hooray for your bike! (Poor pedestrian.) I wish I had one here, too! Mine was stolen last year :-(

  3. i want to buy a bike SO BAD! i wish i had a 1980s one i could use, but if i buy one, i feel like i will have to make the plunge and put down some major dough. that is not a relationship i am willing to put too much faith in yet :)

  4. Excellent story.


    Holly, you can find good at cheap bikes at lots of places in DC. I know folks set up shop at both Eastern Market and Courthouse most weekends. And there’s also in Arlington (a little out of the way, but a really great program with a good selection).

  5. It’s not my main transportation, but I do bike around the city a lot for fun.

    runnerforever: You may not want to wear a helmet, but man, it’s worth looking like a dork if you’re going to ride in a city. I went flying over the handlebars last month and I’m glad my helmet was there to shield my melon – and there wasn’t even a car involved that time.

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