cavi, tay!

so i got my first cavities filled yesterday morning, and the most painful part was waking up early enough to be at the office by 8am. i must say, though, once i was up, i was up! and it was quite lovely to be among the early morning crowd, although i don’t see how anyone could be drinking hot coffee in the 90* weather.  

i actually snoozed while getting mah drill on – it was relaxing! call me a sadist. despite the easiness of the procedure, it was its lingering effect that broke the camel’s back. i don’t know whether the dentist used too much novocaine, or if i’m just sensitive, but i seriously walked around for the next four hours looking like someone with bell’s palsy

see you later, yogurt.

after i left the dentist, i stopped at the juice bar (hey! it was on the way!) and got an apple, beet, carrot and ginger juice. i didn’t have a love affair with this flavor like i did with appleberry twist, i think the beet made it a little too earthy for me, but it definitely grew on me. post juice, i had this nice little breakfast lined up – a mini whole wheat cinnamon raisin bagel with butter and yogurt with the usual fixins’. unfortunately, trying to eat yogurt off of a spoon while your FACE IS NUMB is near impossible, and it was like i was trying to feed a toddler, only the toddler was myself. for the sake of my outfit and my dignity, i stuck the yogurt into the fridge and will be having it for breakfast in the near future.  

on my lunch break, even though that came around 2 30 because i was a crazy person, i took a walk to city sports to try and get some bike shorts. new thing i learned: bike shorts are the padded ones that make you look like you’re permanently wearing a poopy diaper, and spandex shorts are just leggings, but shorts. well, i want spandex shorts (and no, i will not stop calling them bike shorts. it makes sense to me, ok?) the cheapest pair was THIRTY BONES at city sports, and i refused to do that. i had high hopes of finding a cheap pair at target, but they didn’t carry them. are bike shorts a thing of the past? where can i get a good, cheap pair?  

my dreams of compression shorts crushed, i returned to eat this:  

i guess it was a bagel kind of day?

whole wheat bagel, light on the light cream cheese, onion, capers, smoked salmon, plus an apple. oh, and a lemon bar. whatever. work was work, and around 6 i left to go to a goodbye party for an attorney leaving for a different job. i sipped on club soda while mingling with high powered attorneys and then slipped out to go to target. good thing my race is on sunday and i haven’t run in a week! i’m planning 3/4 miles tonight, and will be eating VERY cleanly, which i should have been doing all week anyway. sigh.  

dinner was so college. 2 bowls of honey bunches of oats with strawnberries, and some peas/broccoli for some green, all while watching the kardashian wedding special, which aired over the summer. cry count for the episode: 5 times. even boy roommate #2 shed a tear or three.  

today will be a  good day. sending good vibes to all of you!

ps — check out lil’ veggie patch for a sweet giveaway!


2 responses to “cavi, tay!

  1. I want that bagel NOW, seriously it sounds so good!
    I am glad your first cavity experience wasn’t painful at all, I have had some really uncomfortable ones. Sounds like your found a good dentist, or at least on that like pain killers a lot haha.

  2. Yech, I have to go on Monday to have a cavity re-filled… apparently they can break in two!

    I love that your guy friends watch the Kardashians.

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