april showers bring may flowers.

and what do may flowers bring? pilgrims.

i’ve always loved that joke – reminds me of childhood.

first things first: eats for the day (well, some of them). breakfast was uninspired, but lunch! oh, lunch.

i found this new place, the juice joint, and i knew it was just what i wanted on this 80* day. i took a nice walk over there at lunch and got this:

do you know how much effort it took me to leave juice in the cup?

this was an appleberry twist – apple, strawberry, lemon and ginger. this was my first fresh juice that wasn’t merely orange/grapefruit, and HOHMYGAWD. i have a feeling this is going to become a very bad (aka expensive) habit. the sandwich was a thin slice of fresh mozz, roasted veggies, sprouts drizzled in balsamic vinegar.

i was supposed to go on a long run with my friend adam after work, both to get 5 miles in and to see all the monuments and cherryblossoms, but i woke up with shin splints. ruh roh. i played two games of soccer yesterday and was kicked pretty hard in the right shin, and it hurt to walk today. the race is on saturday, so i took it easy today and am planning/hoping to run 4 miles, 3 miles, 2 miles respectively and then resting friday and saturday. until then, ice ice baby.

instead of my run, i stopped by my friends house and enjoyed a cocktail, or you know, water on her roof and watched the sunset until i headed home. a nice night, after a beautiful weekend filled with easter baskets (my first one! i love my roommates mom), tennis, soccer, a surprise visit from a best friend, and an early night to bed.

ANYWAYS, onto bigger and better things.

it’s the beginning of april, spring!, and that means it’s time for some new goals. i’m in a much better place these days, and i think these will all be attainable now that i’m able to think more clearly.


i have no problem saving money. in fact, it’s something i’m really good at. it’s the money i spend that i have a problem with. often, at the end of the month i will look at my monthly spending account and not know where my money went – a coffee here, a salad for lunch there, a top over there… this month, i would like to spend my money in a fastidious way. i want things, tangible items, that i need/desire and want to stop spending my money on superfluous items.


not only have i gained a good seven pounds, but i also haven’t stuck to my training plan for my ten mile race this sunday. at all. that being said, i’m in fairly good cardiovascular shape and while this sunday will by no means be a breeze, i know that i can do it. i want to aim to workout 4 – 5 days a week, varying my workouts. i have felt very limited during training, and often, if i didn’t run but instead crosstrained, was disappointed in myself. i want to rediscover the joy of exercise and shed the obligation.

social life.

i go out frequently, and love being around my friends. i need to work on being more self-confident and aware of my surroundings, and i would like to be more spontaneous. i think now that i’m feeling less constricted by my emotional state, i’ll be able to do accomplish this.


this april, i will strive to be more active in all facets of my life. i’m all for watching television, but i would love to start drawing again, continue writing and reading, and will work to expand myself in all the ways that i know how.

welp! this was serious, but i’m thinking that april will be the month where i turn my life around. i miss myself.

until tomorrow, chicas.


4 responses to “april showers bring may flowers.

  1. I hear ya with the budgeting… but seeing that juice makes me want to go out and get my fave (carrot/apple/beet/ginger) so badly!

    And you will be FINE with the race. The same thing happened to me during my half training- I felt I’d gained weight and wasn’t in peak performance shape. But I did it! And you will, too. Good luck!

  2. Don’t worry about what training you have or have not done before your race, just be confident and give it your all and you will do great!

  3. I’m totally using that Mayflower joke on my husband tonight. You may have just made a mortal enemy with him :)

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