georgia on my mind.

remember when the highlight of friday was really watching tgif? i actually preferred snick, though… roundhouse, anyone? 

yesterday started off brilliantly when a) it was 70* and b) a skirt from last summer/fall still fit me! granted, it was a little snug, but it zipped, it looked cute, and i wore it. 

i was hungry again when i woke up yesterday morning, so had a handful of my new favorite snack:  

such little girl hands.

 i happy munched on these on the walk to the metro. they’re just so satisfying! and 1 serving has 3 grams of fiber and 1 gram protein, which is kind of awesome for dried fruit. once i situated, responded to emails, set up camp for the day (it always takes me ten minutes to feel settled in the morning), i ran upstairs to get some coffee with soy and then nuked this lovely: 

look at this bowl, isn't it neat?

 1/2 c. oats, 1 tsp. chia seeds, 1 small apple, 1/4 c. walnuts mixed up baby. i am starting to prefer walnuts in my oats over peanut butter – they give a nice crunch factor and work really well with bananas and apples. plus, they’re Cheapy McCheaperson in the bulk bins. sigh, i love bulk bins.  mid morning, a fairy came to my office to deliver these! a while back, i had entered a tazo giveaway for their new naturally sweetened iced teas. i had forgotten about it to the point where i can’t even LINK to where i found it! long story short, i get three naturally sweetened iced teas! i’ll let you know how they are when i cash in. 


 work was, well work, and i listened to some npr while i edited and proofed and got papercuts, the usual. before i knew it, it was time for this unappetizing looking thing, but hey! twas delicious.  

gobble gobble.


this is 3 slices of trader joe’s honey smoked turkey wrapped around spicy dijon mustard and spinach leaves (held together with colorful toothpicks), a baggie full of sugar snap peas and a babybel light. true story: when i was a kid, i hated sandwiches. my mom used to give me turkey in a ziploc baggie with mustard to dip into on the side! old habits die hard, i guess. i love sandwiches now, but am trying to be mindful of passover (which will all be shot to shite later in this post). 

i was hungry today – i don’t know if it’s because i ate rather lightly yesterday after a 5 mile run, or if it’s because lunch was not satisfying (but it was!), but i wanted all my snacks and MORE today. around 3, i had an insatiable urge for iced coffee… so i got a small downstairs and put some skim in it (with a splash of 2% because i wanted a little creaminess). around 4:30, my thomas was grumbling again – inhaled were an apple and 1/4 cup pistachios. 

(warning: at this point, there are no more pictures because my camera battery died a long, painful death.) my co-worker/very close friend and i promptly left at 5:30 so we could head to an event at the phillips collection – the first thursday of every month, there is wine, music and snacks with the current exhibit – in this case georgia o’keefe (and her husband alfred stieglitz’s portraits of her). it was so fun, so nice to feel cultural and with your friends! we snacked on soem veggies and cheese, i had a glass of white wine and we enjoyed the patio of this gorgeous museum (it’s almost like a huge, private mansion) before we ducked inside to look at the art. i love art, and it felt really nice to be back in my element. 

as usual, we ran into people we knew, people we recognized but didn’t know (otherwise known as stalking) and after we were there for about 2.5 hours, we headed to a great thai/japanese restaurant. now, look. i know that rice is NOT supposed to be consumed during passover. but this girl wanted sushi so badly! and hot thai food was not at all appealing to me… so i did it. this does not mean i’m not going to continue on my “righteous” path, but i wanted it, and i had it. along with a club soda, i had a yellowtail and scallion roll and 5 pieces of sushi (shrimp, salmon, yellowtail, eel, tuna). great combo for a great price. once home, i had the last macaroon leftover from monday’s seder – i had given the rest to boy roommate #2 because well, i didn’t really want to eat them. 

interestingly, i felt guilt after my day of “indulgence.” in reality, i know this is a pretty normal amount to be eating, i was walking a lot, and it was all healthy — but i think my guilt was coupled with my lack of workout along with my consumption of rice. i need to get out of this mindset, truly. normally, when i am “being good,”  i am very vigilant about what goes into my body and feel guilty if i “over do it.” i know this isn’t healthy, and know that i should find peace in eating what i want (within reason), especially when it’s healthy and natural. with the coming of spring, all i crave is healthy, fresh food. i guess i’m just confused and a little disappointed that i felt guilty for eating cubes of cheese and a macaroon. i need to find peace with that, and am working on it daily. 

whew! that got serious! didn’t intend for it to, i just was taken aback by my feelings, especially when it had been such a lovely evening. 

on the agenda for this weekend? a cherry blossom festival with art tonight, an 8 mile run (aaaaaah) tomorrow, soccer, and lounging outdoors. i want to get my tan on! what are your plans for this summery weekend?


2 responses to “georgia on my mind.

  1. I was more of an Are You Afraid of the Dark? girl myself ;-)

    I’m off with my parents for the weekend to enjoy the sunshine! Have a lovely weekend :-)

  2. TGIF! Oh wow, that just blasted me into the past. Is that how the hot tub time machine works?

    I love dried apricots! I usually wrap a cashew or walnut in them. :)

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