busy bee.

whew! yesterday was carazy (in the best way possible). all of a sudden, i’ve turned into someone who has plans on the weeknights, and i’ve found that it is really nice to have something to look forward to, and this way, i don’t feel like i cram all of my living into arguably the best two days of the week, saturday and sunday.

but reeeewind.

in the mornings lately, i’ve been feeling hungry (this is new for me). it’s probably a combination of returning to a steady work out regimen and also eating better, so i’ve been grabbing some snackies on my way out of the door. i don’t eat breakfast until about 10 every day, so munching on 5 apricot halves was delicious and nutritious. that rhyme just reminded me of schoolhouse rock.

post walking to workage/getting situated/chugging water, breakfast was this beaut:

a breakfast without peanut butter!

1/2 c. oats, 1 tsp. chia seeds, small apple, golden raisins, 1/4 cup walnuts nuked with some water. i didn’t really “get” the whole chia seed thing, but i now notice a distinct fullness that comes with eating a regular bowl of oats with the addition of these babies. i like them! good thing i have a bunch of them to get through.

lunchtime rolled around and i had an errand to run, namely returning a box of matzah to the whole foods – i had bought one too many! i was surprised they let me return it with such ease – i even saw a lady returning a half eaten sandwich because she didn’t like it! that’sgood business. by the time i moseyed on back (it was probably a 35 minute walk in full), i was more than ready for this:

taking pictures on desks gets real old.

wooo girl, ugly picture, i know. this is half a grapefruit (my last one, sniff sniff), 5 meatless balls on top of a jerusalem salad of sorts – chopped red onion, chopped tomato, chopped cucumber tossed with lemon juice and black pepper and sprinkled with goat cheese. um, yum. i love mediterranean food, but don’t love hummus. weird, no?

i knew i needed  a bigger snack than normal because i had a five mile run planned, and this so hit the spot – 1/4 c. in the shell pistachios, 1 carrot, sugar snap peas and green tea.

i realize my desk always looks messy, but it's not. promise.

i just love the saltiness and tediousness of eating pistachios. a great afternoon snack.

i booked it out of work, went home and laced up my sneaks to head out on a five mile run…that i finished in about an hour. go me! the run was great, i felt really strong and could tell that my pace had quicked a lot. i even passed another runner about my age! running outside, and feeling that five miles is just a normal distance to run is a huge deal for me. i know i will be able to run this ten mile race (despite a ridiculous lack of training), but it’s the knowledge that i’m going to continue running 5 – 7 miles for pleasure after it’s over that is really inspiring to me. i may become a runner just yet!

i stretched/abbed/pushupped on my pretty purple yoga matt when i got home and hopped in the shower, because this girl has got places to BE. dinner was eaten in two parts – the first part was sucked through a straw ridiculously quickly, and consisted of 1 cup almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1/2 scoop amazing grass, cocoa powder, spinach and about 1.5 tbsp peanut butter. this. was. delicious. first time i added peanut butter to a smoothie, and i loved it! i have been using protein powder in the past, but have found it too sweet. any good protein powder recs?

the reason i had to get ready so fast was so………i could go meet dooce. i don’t know if any of you read her blog, but i highly suggest you do. i’ve been reading her blog for about 3 years and have loved every second of it – she is the most famous “mommyblogger,” is retardedly hilarious and is basically who i wish i can be when i grow up solely for the fact that she says y’all and has an iphone. she was invited by michelle obama to a forum on workplace flexibility (see told you she was important) and decided to host a reader meet up at a local bar. i was tired and not in a funny mood (shock! seriously) but was so so thankful i got to meet her. she talks a lot about tackling depression and her words have really helped me out in trying times. long story short: IT WAS AWESOME. I MET DOOCE. HER HAIR IS SHORT.

i got home just in time to clean the kitchen (ugh) and eat a second dinner snack of 3/4 piece whole wheat matzah with a laughing cow wedge and hot sauce. um, yum. boy roommate #2 and i watched the little bit of the biggest loser (it’s our ritual, and it’s so funny, i know) and then it was bed/book time.

onto today, blogettes! hope your thursdays are fabulous.


One response to “busy bee.

  1. I hear ya on socializing on weeknights, but good for your doing it! I’ve gotten to be pretty hesitant to make plans that aren’t on the weekdays or during lunch but… I need to get over it and have more fun! If I don’t get as much sleep as I’d like, so be it.

    And hooray for 5 miles being average for you! It’s a great feeling, hmm? I hope I can get back to that soon…

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