a first!

‘ello, mates! since i’ve been missing (a little more than the usual weekend jaunt), i’m going to start with monday because that was the day of gloriousness! after a lovely weekend full of rain (boo), watching episodes of lost (yay!), friends/soccer (both yay!) and meeting a new boy (perhaps?), breakfast on monday morning needed to continue the happiness. and it did, oh, it did.
blueberry heaven?

zees ees 1/2 c. oats (i always measure my oats, by the way) with water, 1/2 small container of blueberries, a scoop of chunky peanut butter and some cinnamon. i cooked half of the bloobs with the oats and added the other half on top, so it was silky and crisp all at once. a good way to start the day, methinks. 

per usual i worked and worked, and while i usually listen to music or npr during the day, monday i was relishing in the quiet rain outside my window. it was one of those peaceful rainy days, not an angry rainy day. it was actually quite nice! lunch was consumed at my desk (as usual) – if i go out at lunch, i like to do errands/walk around and when i get back, i eat at my desk. 


this weird looking concoction was actually quite tasty, though the tuptup i brought it in was too small! the above is:
1 carrot
a laughing cow wedge
can of tunafish mixed with mustard, balsamic and a little plain yogurt.
this bad boy left me full (i actually left a bunch of tuna and carrot behind) and when it was snacktime i reluctantly ate half of a delicious grapefruit, because i knew i needed the energy for my quick gym trip.i booked it to the gym after work, because i had to be home at promptly 7! i ran a speedy 3 miles on the treadmill (sidenote- i accidentally typed 23 miles at first… imagine) in 28:34 (!!), stretched, push-upped and abbed it up and headed home to prepare for…
my very first seder!  (the picture of which wordpress just ate up, well whatever it was that good).
[picture a large table COVERED with goodies/bottles of wine here, please?]


last minute on sunday, i decided to host an impromptu seder at my house. i’m not a religious person, but i so enjoy celebrating the holidays with my friends and family. ten of my friends were invited and we had a potluck seder, complete with service and all (i’m not going to lie – it was heavily abbreviated). the spread included:


a bottle of wine for each guest (all of which were finished, oops)

2 chickens

block of tofu broiled with a delicious marinade – soy, sesame oil, low fat asian dressing, chili flake, garlic powder and grated ginger

tons of salad with mixed greens, avocado, feta, tomato, onion, cucumber and light balsamic dressing

charoset (mm mm good!) this is a traditional plate for passover and consists of apples, walnuts and wine, and it is SO GOOD on matzah.

whole wheat matzah

homeade merengues

huge macaroons from whole foods – seriously, these bad boys were almost the size of my fist


i can’t tell you how lovely it was to have my friends over to my house to host a jewish holiday. i was so happy to be surrounded by people i cared about when i couldn’t be home with my own family celebrating. we laughed, talked, and drank until the wee hours of the morning, and i went to bed  with a full and accomplished heart. plus, matches and matches of buzzed mario tennis are always an awesome way to end the night.


got to work on TIME on tuesday, a feat considering i was running on very little sleep and had a slight wine headache in the morning, but nothing a huge glass of water and some sunlight wouldn’t fix. i mixed up breakfast again this morning by heating up this:



 i chopped up the apple, cooked it with the oats, chia seeds and raisins, and topped it with some crunchy peanut butter. this apple was tiny, and i was scared this breakfast wasn’t going to hold me over so i cooked it with half skim milk, and i must say, i was not into it. i much prefer water in my oats, i know, i know, i’m an anomaly.

this post is getting monstrously long, so i’ll spare you the details of lunch – it was leftover salad with 4 meatless balls, some veggies on the side (hello sugar snap peas, i’ve missed you!) and a babybel light. i worked late so no run outside for me (plus it was rainy and the winds were howling), and by the time i got home i was starving. my lunch was on the light side, so i was more than ready for this deliciousness:

accidentally delicious.

this was the best meal i have accidentally come up with in a long time. i was craving something hot and cozy (and for the week of passover, you can’t eat rice, pasta, bread, really anything except matzah and potatoes. but i’m eating oats, ssh don’t tell). this was 1 boullion cube, 1 cup of water, frozen broccoli, 1/4 block tofu, spinach, a package of shirataki noodles stirred in, and topped with grated ginger, black pepper, garlic powder and parm to make the soup all creamy. this was delicious, huuuuge for its caloric content and just what i wanted. mm mm good. “dessert” was 100 calorie popcorn watched over gossip girl. oh little j, you angst you.

i headed upstairs at 10 (unheard of for me) and put on some jose gonzalez while i did some free form yoga and meditated. it was wonderful, and a routine i think i’m going to try and incorporate into my every day life. after that, i peacefully snuggled into bed with my latest book that i’ve been trying to take out of the library forever, “olive kitteridge” by elizabeth strout. i read the first short story last night and am in love.

this was a huge post, overload overload! see you guys tomorrow, happy day!


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