a walk.

it’s ….. a thursday! it’s insane to me how quickly the weeks pass by. one minute, i’m bummed because it’s monday and i have the whole week to get through before the weekend, and the next, i’m finalizing my weekend plans and stressing that i haven’t gotten enough done! whew.

yesterday was a weird day – i was in what i like to call the “computer daze” that haunts me from time to time. i was so immersed in what i was doing that when i looked up, it was almost as if i couldn’t see! i was literally in a daze that i couldn’t shake, which isn’t that fun, but hey! at least i was getting work done.

breakfast was the usual, and as usual, it was delicious!

rubber ducky, you're the one!

 1/3 c. oats, 1/2 c. plain yog, 1 tsp c-c-c-chia seeds, frozen strawberries, cinnamon, sea salt, raisins, and a scoop of chunkay peanut butter. also, a coffee with soy because this girl needs her caffeine. i love to finish my breakfast when i’m only half done with my coffee, and then i leisurely sip on my coffee for another 20 minutes or so. makes breakfast seem, i don’t know, luxurious in a way.

lunch was victorious because i finally finished my last black bean burger, but it was also a let down because… my grapefruit was rotten! boo, citrus. i really wanted to eat you. this was doubly annoying because half was supposed to accompany my lunch, and the other half was part of my afternoon snack! 

stupid grapefruit. At least I enjoyed what I could — a black bean burger with a laughing cow wedge and ketchup, and spinach and broccoli with soy sauce and garlic powder. i was of course hungry after this because my mind knew i was supposed to be getting a grapefruit, so when i went on my lunchtime walk (when it’s nice out i like to galavant outside for 20 minutes or so) i went in search of a piece of fruit, an afternoon snack and something a little crunchy. i was on a mission!

it took me three stores to locate an apple, and i’m not kidding. i work in downtown dc! i’m used to bodegas selling fruit everywhere in ny, but here it’s all gross hot bar type of stuff. and no fruit. but i digress – i bought an apple, a big bag of honey wheat pretzels to keep in my office (which are surprisingly still here today! aha!) and a kashi roll bar in chocolate turtle. i did some damage to the pretzels, and then didn’t want the apple anymore. for an afternoon snack i had the kashi roll bar, which was artificial tasting, but i was hungry. i guess after all that searching for an apple, i just didn’t want it. oh well.

yesterday was a rough day, and after work i just needed to breathe. i was supposed to go on a five mile run, but i just didn’t go. instead, i put my headphones on, blasted some passion pit and let my spirit slowly rejuvenate. walking to trader joes (about a mile walk?) i let myself feel unrestrained, and stopped to contemplate and think and kind of decompress in a relaxed way that a run wouldn’t allow me to. but anywhoo, i went to trader joes, which is also relaxing for me. it was the least crowded i’ve seen it! normally, there is a line to get into the store.

look at all the goodies i bought!

moneybags, baby.

produce: green bell pepper, carrots, bag of fuji apples, grapefruit, blueberries (!!), sugar snap peas.

pantry: apricots, fat free caramel popcorn (impulse buy, much?), garbanzo beans, reduced sugar all natural jam, tomato sauce, high fiber cereal, indian food in a pouch (so good), 73% dark chocolate bar, tomato sauce, wine.

fridge/freezer: frozen pouches of brown rice, mixed berries, plain yogurt, 4% cottage cheese, light string cheese, turkey (i will only eat this one type of sliced turkey from trader joes), pesto tortellini, meatless meatballs, and three fillets of salmon. mm! i’d say it was a good shop, especially because it was all under $100.

dinner was some pesto tortellini with tomato sauce, forgot to take a picture, and dessert was some caramel corn with some shaved dark chocolate. using my new purchases!

i watched gossip girl, yup yes i did, and loved on everyone and then hit the hay with my book. i’m reading this thriller by James Patterson, which is so unlike me to read, but it’s pretty good! I needed something different than all the family dramas/deeply flawed characters I’ve been reading.

what is the latest book you’ve read? i need some suggestions as i go through books like water.


4 responses to “a walk.

  1. The last book I read that I loved was “The Moonflower Vine,” and before that “Shadow Tag.” I don’t get to read for pleasure too often, but I savor it. I love Ann Patchett, too.

  2. I’m currently reading “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang!” I prefer non-fiction!!

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