mamma mia!

Disclaimer: there are no pictures in this post. I’m sorry! My mom was in town, doesn’t know about the blog and wasn’t about to whip out my camera to pretend to take an artsy photo.

Friday was a chill night in with my roommates – a lot of red wine, thai food and guitars and sing along sessions were involved. We sang so much that our downstairs neighbors thought we had gotten Guitar Hero! My mom came down on Saturday, which was really nice. I haven’t seen her since December! She arrived around 1:30, and I had grand plans to go on a 7.5 mile run before she came. I woke up, and immediately fell asleep again. After going out during the week and having to wake up extra early, I was pooped and really needed to sleep in. After a breakfast of a green monster (made with 1 cup of rice milk, spinach, a frozen banana, cocoa powder and ice, and topped with one cup of puffed wheat), my mom and I set off to Dupont Circle to do some serious shopping damage.

Oh, did I mention it was 75 degrees and sunny? I was wearing a dress, flip flops, and sunglasses…and it was heaven. The only thing that could have made the day better was iced coffee, which I treated my mom to, well because she was treating me to a lot of things, namely the cutest clutch, shirts and dinner. After people watching and snacking on pears, we began the long (about 1.5 miles) walk home. We snacked (I was starving!) on carrots, raw broccoli and a babybel, we gussied and headed to dinner at Grillfish, which to be honest I was expecting to be much better. To start, we split tuna tataki and a house salad, and then I got the grilled scallops with roasted butternut squash and piccata sauce on the side. I took home some scallops and a tiny, tiny piece of my mom’s salmon. I was exhausted, and gratefully drifted to sleep on the couch downstairs (i let my mom have my bed, and i kick too much in my sleep to share a bed with her, oops).

This morning we woke up and I made us oatmeal – the first time making it one the stovetop in years – and it was so creamy! And delicious! For two of us, I used 1 cup of oats, a banana, some raisins and we each got a scoop of peanut butter. Oh, and coffee, lest we forgot. After mom departed (sad, but see her again in three weeks), I geared up for my first run in two weeks. I was nervous to set off on a 7.5 mile run, but I knew it had to be done. I’m getting nervous that I haven’t trained at all for this ten mile race!

I set off – new running capris, new sneakers, new ipod, tanktop, baseball hat – and had a really hard time getting started. I did run the 7.5 miles, but in 90 minutes. I know i need to cut down on the time, and hopefully after a week of regular running, I will be able to get through the 8 miles without stopping to walk every mile or so. Ugh. But, I did it! And I’m sore! And i’m not counting this as a failure – it’s the longest I’ve ever run. And I got tan, so that’s a huge plus.

I then came home, shoved a green monster (1 c. rice milk, spinach, frozen banana, spoonful chocolate protein powder and half a scoop of amazing grass) in my face (well actually, drank it at the bus stop), and headed to my soccer game. It was fun, and I was running, but my legs were tired. And I was so dirty! I stopped at a coffeeshop to snag the Sunday Styles – people always leave them! – and enjoyed an iced green tea, and then a weird, weird man tried to pick me up so I ran away. I headed to Whole Foods to get some essentials, spinach, bananas, almond milk, tofu, some bars. Headed home to hang, and clean, and ate dinner!

Just realizing how long this post is, so I’m going to wrap it up. Dinner was my left over scallops with some shrimp thrown in, roasted asparagus, shirataki noodles with alfredo sauce (laughing cow wedge, cottage cheese, parmesan cheese) and spinach and lots of water.

I see icing my legs, a 100 calorie popcorn pack and Waltz with Bashir in my future.

Hope all of your weekends were lovely!

ps – listen to this. it will warm your heart.  (he wrote it when he was actually thirteen!)


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