spring has sprung!

it was grey when i woke up, so grey in fact that i left my sunglasses at home, but by the time i arrived at work it was so sunny that my eyes couldn’t see the computer screen! check out my office groovin’ with the sun:

oh mr. golden sun

breakfast was a treat today, eaten on a bite to bite basis because i was running up and down floors. just being at work is exercise, i tell you! anyway, it was good, and enjoyed with half of the grapefruit pictured below as well as coffee with skim.

the ultimate ny breakfast. only, in dc.

a pumperknickel bagel with scallion cream cheese and smoked salmon – this kept me full for hours. i ate it around 10 and wasn’t hungry for lunch until 2:15! wow. lunch was… interesting. we had a department lunch today which is usually pretty good, but today i was not a fan.

white trays, i'm sick of you.

this was roasted chicken, spinach salad with some ranch dressing, onion and dried cranberries, mashed potatoes, succotash and a piece of sundried tomato foccacia. i ate all of the chicken, mashed potatoes and salad and left the foccaccia and succotash untouched. well, i had a bite of the succotash but you know when something has that rotten taste? yeah, that happened and i just couldn’t put my fork back in.

the best part about department lunches are the huge fruit, cookie and cake platters. today was the return of the raspberries! oh sweet sweet berries, how i have missed you. i nibbled on some fruit and two cookies throughout the afternoon, one chocolate chocolate chip and one oatmeal raisin. two cookies in one day? not so great. good thing i am getting up early to work out tomorrow morning (yes i WILL!).

co-o-o-o-okie crisp.

the best part of my day was my afternoon walk. when it’s nice out, i usually go outside for an hour and eat my lunch while working, so that’s what happened today. i walked to city sports to pick up my new running shoes (ugh, they’re pink. i am so not a girl who wears pink) and browsed urban and banana and headed back to my office so HOT! good thing i had a pair of flats in my drawer – i stripped off my boots and tights (in my office, not the bathroom. girl, what are you thinking?!) and put my flats on and man, did it feel good.

i was excited to get back to the office because look what was waiting for me!

do i have the best brother or what?

a package! well not the running shoe, but i wanted to show it to you. my brother sent me a package filled with running capri pants, two new packs of incense and… dun dun dun… AN IPOD! it’s the first version of the nano that came free with the computer i bought senior year of highschool, but it has gone largely unused. my current ipod only has one working jack, so listening to music has been a chore. i’m excited (well hopefully will be excited) to have an ipod that works in both ears.

after a nice walk home where i picked up some self tanning lotion (i am a ghoul ghost ghoul) i picked up some vitamins at the whole foods (i have been out for ages) along with some dinner… my favorite.

open sesame.

sesame tofu and noodles. i’m currently watching the new 90210 (guilty, guilty pleasure but it’s oh so good) while making new workout playlists for my new ipod. i’m going to try and get into bed early tonight because not only do i have to get up early to work out, but i also am going to be out late for st. patrick’s day! my work friends and i are going to a huge happy hour and we’ll see there the night goes from there.

what are your plans for one of the m ore debaucherous holidays of the year?


One response to “sprung!

  1. Um, your brother is awesome! He knows you so well.

    Bagels with cream cheese and salmon are SO GOOD! There’s a store near me that makes the best oats & raisin bagels, I could eat them every day.

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