le sigh.

and i’m back! new goal: not to be sucked into the black hole of awesome that is the weekend.

dc missed the huge storms that hit new york, but it’s been rainy and poopy for the past few days. saturday especially! i was supposed to go on a 7 mile run but instead i went to see alice in wonderland (better than i expected!), took a nappie, and headed out to dinner with my cousins who were in town. two of us, both young twenties, live here, but our family is so huge that it seems like we have someone in town every weekend! it’s so great to be close with your extended family as friends, and i know i’m lucky.

sunday i went to my soccer game (woo! scored 3 goals!) and just copped out on my seven mile run. just because. and i didn’t even care, even though i should. i ran some errands and came home and cooked for the week – homeade black bean burgers! roasted vegetables! and watched a philosophy movie with #1, #2 and #3.  not going to lie, i may or may not have snoozed during it.

i had every intention of waking up for a quick two mile run and some exercises – but it was rainy. and i am lazy. how can i make myself get up and go? it has to start happening. instead i booked it to work early because on certain mondays, i have the opportunity to work pro bono and it’s my favorite thing! i love interacting with people, love knowing that i really am making a difference and helping someone, and not being chained to a desk and a computer is a refreshing change. breakfast was on the run – half a banana and this gnu bar:

so yummy! i don’t normally eat bars for breakfast, but this kept me full for a long time – 12 grams of fiber will do that to you. i wish it had a little more protein, but it was great and i will definitely be buying this again. it does have kind of a “health food” taste, but i much prefer that to the artificially sweetened taste (cough cough luna protein bars cough cough).

after a long morning, i headed back to the office where i downed this half healthy half sinful lunchies –

oh hey, chips.

this was some roasted veggies (i made a big batch last night – broccoli, carrots, zucchini) with a black bean burger on a focaccia roll with ketchup and some chips. secret: i LOVE salt and vinegar chips, and yes, i’m very aware that they’re not the healthiest choice. neither was the fat blondie i had after lunch. why do i always forget how good eating healthy makes me feel! after that huge treat (aka huge thing of sugar) i felt so sluggish. NEWAYZZ ~~

i left work to get new running shoes! i was so excited because my shoes have been feeling worn in. i was struggling to decide between the asics and the mizunos, and though i felt i should get the asics, my gut was saying “mizzzunnnosss. mizzzuuunnnoos.” and i bought them and hurried on home to see how they felt with my orthotics and i was bummed to find out they didn’t feel great, so i think i’m going to return them and try on my asics with the orthotics. but look how pretty they are!

the best pillow ever.

once home i immediately put on sweatpants (is there any other way to live?) and cooked up some dinner. and by dinner i mean half a box of pasta with some garlic, chili flake and olive oil. and parm. i think i have an abusive relationship with carbs, and i think pasta needs to be banished from my diet. and i’m not kidding.

times two, and i'm not kidding.

now i’m watching some real housewives of new york city and am patiently awaiting gossip girl to tivo so i can fast forward through the commercials! here’s to hoping tomorrow is a better day, or one when i can at least take responsibility for my well being.

how were your weekends? mine was rainy, but wonderful.


3 responses to “le sigh.

  1. So excited you tried the black bean burgers!! Woo woo!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! You certainly needed the R&R… and congrats on your soccer goals! I’m not much of a team sports girl myself.

    My weekend was fabulous… I miss it already!

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