hola! sorry i have been miba (missing in blog action) – been busy at work and home and something’s gotta give. i could not get up this morning, there was a breezy sunshine coming through my window and birds were chirping and i honestly couldn’t tell if i was dreaming or if it was actually that nice outside! welcome, spring. i think you and i are going to be great friends.

breakfast was standard fare – banana oats! this banana was a little grainy, which was a bummer, but really you can’t go wrong with oats and raisins and peanut butter anyway.


today was one of those days where my eyes just did not leave the computer screen. there was some pressing, painstakingly detail oriented work that had to get done and it was all on me. i’m not complaining, it’s nice to be busy and needed, but when i stepped away from the computer for lunch, i for the first time realized the following:

a) i was cross eyed. seriously.

b) i had to pee so badly!

c) i was SO thirsty


i guess i was really paying attention to what i was doing, huh? i scarfed the last of the pea soup and an orange down in the 15 minutes i had – i didn’t take lunch because i wanted to make it to the gym in time for my usual thursday class. i also snacked on an apple and green tea in the latter part of the afternoon.

i rushed to the gym excited to get mah sweat on – i haven’t worked out since sunday! i hopped on the treadmill for 25 minutes (2.6 miles) until it was time for club strength, aka HELL but awesomeness in a class. today was circuit training and my muscles were on FIRE. i don’t know if it’s because i didn’t fuel properly or haven’t worked out in a while, but i was struggling today. lightheaded, sweating so much that it looked like i went swimming… WOOF. it was tough, but i’m glad i went and feel better for it.

i came home ready for food in face. while my sweet potato and mushrooms were cooking, i munched on some raw broccoli (one of my all time favorite crunch factors) and a carrot.

hey hallway.

then, it was time for the thing i’ve been craving. hello, green protein monster and roasted sweet potato! mmm.

you're just, what i need - bring it on.

this was a cup of almond milk, a frozen banana, handful of spinach and half a packet of chocolate protein powder. it tasted extra banana-y tonight, a little bit sweeter than i liked, but still delicious. i can’t believe i waited so long to try these! along with the sweet potato, i roasted some thinly sliced mushrooms and they became chip like – delicious. i have a secret love affair with mushrooms, but i don’t buy them often because they go bad so quickly and cook down to almost nothing. i will not, however, eat a raw mushroom. they freak me OUT.

i’m now headed off to a concert – the low anthem. it should be a chill night, and i’m hoping to be back relatively early (they don’t go on until 11 pm!) so i can get a good nights sleep in. mmm, sleep.

hope everything is good where you are!


3 responses to “sweaty.

  1. HA I hear ya about the numb-butt, perma-slouch, eye-glaze of computer desk life. Blegh.

    Hope you had a great time at the concert! What did you see?

    • i saw The Low Anthem – a very folksy but beautifully soulful, instrumental band. Definitely chill music! Seeing Florence and the Machine in early April, i can’t wait!

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