the return.

oh, yes. the only reasons mondays are not the worst day ever are back! how i’ve missed you, gossip girl. and, they played both monsters of folk and the xx on tonight’s episode! two of my current favorite bands.

i woke up this morning at 6:15, sleepy but ready to go to the gym. as i turned on my light and took my first step to go to the bathroom, though, a shooting pain took me by surprise in my right calf. i guess i was still sore from my almost 7 mile run on saturday, and since today was a lifting day, i thought it would be silly to go. oh hello, two more hours of sleep! today was the first day i didn’t feel guilty for not working out – if my body is hurting, it’s hurting and i should listen to it.

this girl was hangry this morning, and upon getting into the office and getting settled, i dug into the usual overnight oats. i started adding cinnamon and sea salt to the usual mixture, and it amplifies the utter deliciousness. oh, and coffee with soy because i am a creature of habit. and caffeine.

so i couldn't wait to eat, sue me.

worky work work interspersed with looking at best and worst dressed lists later, i was ready for lunch. this breakfast was fillling, i finished with it around 10:15 and couldn’t even think about eating again until about 1:45. enter, big bowl of poopy pea soup! it was even more delicious today… the combination of al dente peas with blended peas and the brightness of the lemon juice makes for a healthy party in the mouth. oh, ps – i used this recipe.

how did mr. pen sneak in there?

this was a big bowl – so much so that i didn’t eat my orange that usually accompanies my lunch. my day was uneventful until my afternoon snack of a juicy golden delicious and green tea. i had a haircut appointment after work and was feeling snacky, so i had half of this mojo bar.

ugly picture, pretty bar.

i was proud of myself for recognizing that i only wanted half – that is very new for me. i skipped, well walked, to my hair appointment and had some time to kill, so i stopped into whole foods for some produce and for a jar of office peanut butter! no more messy traveling. my friend met me at the salon for some chit chat, so i got girl time and pamper time all rolled into one, which was a lovely way to spend an evening. my hair looks good – just got it cleaned up. keeping it long and layered!

dinner was this beauty, which i picked up at whole foods because i apparently think i’m richie rich (the macaulay culkin version):

huge pieces!

this is a seaweed salad, of which i ate half and gave the other half to #1, and 4 pieces of tuna avocado with 4 pieces of salmon avocado. i enjoyed these while playing around on chatroulette with #2, and to be honest, that site freaks me out! we talked to an interesting guy in el salvador involved with bringing computers to low income folks, but that was the only redeeming conversation we had.

dessert was tea and a ring of naturally dried pineapple. and nate archibald. and then….. the snackmonster hit. i think i’m indulging my carb obsession too much, because once i start, i can’t stop! it really is a problem. consumed off camera were a trail mix of sorts – 1/4 c. wasabi peas, raisins and around 1/2 cup of puffed rice. and then a mug of puffed rice with almond milk. and then a mug of fiber one caramel crunch with almond milk.

i’m not beating myself up for these slips – i feel myself growing and my relationship with food changing every day, and i know tomorrow i will work to control myself more.

does anyone else have a “red light” food? i open a box of cereal, and it’s usually gone in a few days.


One response to “the return.

  1. Good for you for recognizing it was not time to run.

    Hmm… ice cream is a definite red light food. I always go back for seconds!

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