this glorious weekend full of sunshine and fun, something happened. out of left field, i became obsessed with my blender. where has it been my whole life? and why have i not been using it? i think i want to marry a green monster. but really.

anyway, a quick recap of all things good…

friday, i treated myself to my favorite thing possibly ever: iced coffee! i tend to make my coffee because i think it’s better and it’s wayyy less expensive, but there is something about sipping cold coffee through that green straw that is just indescribable.

the return of the king.

after my friday treat, i met my friends in dupont circle, a popular area in dc, to troll the galleries. the first friday of every month, the galleries stay open late and offer free wine and snacks. the snacks were not to my liking (who wants to eat potato chips at a gallery?) but the wine was definitely taken advantage of. at the last gallery, there was some really experimental stuff and also had a live band playing. was a great, great night, but by the time i got home at 10 i was STARVING. so a lot of food was consumed and a lot of svu was watched. i need to learn to carry a snack around with me so i don’t overdo it later.

saturday was wonderful – i tutored my little 8 year old , we learned about even and odd numbers, and i went home for a pre-run snack… then i set out. i ran 6.6 miles! it felt wonderful, enjoyable almost. i can’t believe it’s taken me this long to run outside – i don’t think i’ll ever be able to look at a treadmill the same way again. i struggle to run 4 miles on that piece of death, and while 6.6 miles was not easy and while there were walking breaks involved, it was much more manageable to me. plus, i could listen to better music because it was relaxing running, not stressful. later in the day was a nap, dinner with some ladies, a going away party, and some dancing. a successful saturday, i’d say.

i woke up sunday late late (mmm), cleaned the house and made this:

hey, gourmet.

1 egg on a sandwich thin with spinach, sprinkle of cheese, frankie and a morningstar sausage patty with an orange and 2 mugs of coffee. i was restless, it was far too nice to be inside all day and my friends were all out and about, so i decided to go on a light run. i took the metro to rock creek park (our version of central park) and was ready to do about 2 – 3 miles until my legs revolted. they were SORE! so i took a nice 2  mile walk instead and stretched. i wasn’t disappointed, in fact, i was proud of myself that i still got exercise and was enjoying the fresh air.

we cooked this:

looks like poop, tastes like heaven.

pea soup with chicken andouille sausage, which was enjoyed while watching live from the red carpet. sandra bullock looked beautiful! and also i find ryan seacrest abhorrently annoying. a few hours later, i got hungry again… is it a result of my “working out more,” or is it because i’m finally eating healthier foods and my body is craving more of them? i made a smoothie with frozen berries, a few scoops of yogurt, the rest of my almond milk, some unsweetened cocoa powder and ice and topped it with 2 huge scoops of peanut butter and around 3/4 cup of high fiber cereal… consumed while watching rachel getting married. i definitely understood why anne hathaway’s performance was so lauded, but overall, i didn’t love the film. i thought it to be tedious and disjointed, and i was honestly surprised by my reaction to it.

with my belly full and my sunday night satiated, i crawled into bed….what a good weekend.

i watch a film almost every sunday night. does anyone else have sunday night traditions?


2 responses to “obsession.

  1. I love iced coffee, but when I drink it I get a HUGE buzz…I think because I just suck it down so fast through the straw…I feel like there’s speed in it or something…

  2. Oh, I’m glad you had such a nice weekend! And I agree… good iced coffee IS a treat; making it at home just isn’t the same. I always know it’s springtime when I buy my first of the season!

    No GOOD traditions… sually just catching up on work.

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