yay! and, nay.

on the yay! list:

– i got up early and worked out.

– i forgot how calming 3 morning minutes in the sauna are.

– i went grocery shopping and bought delicious, healthy thingsand was right on budget target.

– i was able to leave work basically on time

– i dressed so cute for work today – hello  high waisted skirt with pockets and heels (and even got a complement on them from a random man stranger).

– friends coming over to prepare the office baby! / so many tivoed svu episodes.

on the nay. list:

-my workout was lackluster. it was as if i couldn’t get my legs to move! i was supposed to run 4.5 miles and lift today, but could NOT run, my lungs and legs were almost paralyzed. instead, i did a hard 25 minutes on the elliptical – gluteal program on resistance 6 – and lifted. i was sweating bullets, almost grossing myself out, but didn’t feel like i got a worthy workout in. if i’m going to wake up that early, i want to rock out! it was really frustrating, and i was disappointed in myself.

– my plans to go to the phillips collection wine tasting were thwarted by my friend working late.

– i felt anxious all day.

FINAL SCORE: yay! – 6. nay. – 3. looks like it was a successful day after all!

i had an early meeting at work this morning and knew i wasn’t going to have time for bfast beforehand… my thomas (tummy) was grumbling so when i picked up coffee and a banana in the caf, i also picked up a hard boiled egg and ate the white before i headed upstairs for an hour long gabfest, aka someone talks and i listen. post meeting and coffee with soy (i also had coffee with 1% early this morning), this gloriousness was consumed:

a failed artsy shot.

halfa cuppa oats, 2 tbsp golden raisins, a naner, and a little bit of skippy-esque pb. i’ve eaten natural for so long now that i forgot how deliciously creamy this was… i still prefer the taste of natural, but this was a nice thursday treat for me! caught up on the blogs, the goss, bopped around to some ray lamontagne (it was one of those days) and also ke$ha tik tok. on repeat. schizo music, much?

a bit later, it was lunch time….prepare to be surprised, not.

thumbs up for NO MORE WHITE BEAN SOUP!

nice nailpolish, right? i didn’t realize it was so light… oops. also i’ve had this nail polish since my friends 8th birthday party at a nail salon. who’s the boss! i got a little hungry around 5 and enjoyed 6 almonds with a cup of lemon tea… i had more out, but wasn’t feeling them. oh hey, intuitive eating, i missed you.

i headed to whole foods, gabbed with mom and brudda, picked up the goods for the next two weeks or so and headed home eager to dig into this bad boy… i figure i deserved a treat for waking up early and working out.

get in mah belly.

this is: kale with garlic dressing, cranberry tuna salad, mozz/tomato salad (like 4 mini balls), balsamic mushrooms, broccoli, and my all time favorite salad bar item – sesame noodles and tofu. this was the smallest container, and while it was good, my thomas is not happy right now. it’s gotten used to eating whole, non preservative food and its grumbling. and not in a good way. i also had two forkfuls of brown rice and a taste of chunky pb…..i’m full.

i forsee a cup of tea, some tv and some BED in my future! ah, can’t wait.

hope all of your evenings are going swimmingly.

**ps: go check out lil’ veggie patch’s nut butter contest. um, yum.


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