…as in randy the ram. boy roommates #1 and #2 and former roommate #3 all watched “the wrestler” last night – we were all excited for it to come on our netflix queue and i must say, i was underwhelmed. i do think mickey rourke’s performance was amazing and i always love me some darren aronofsky, but i think i was just too emotionally detached from the film for me to love it. 

NeWaYzZz **~~ (remember when we used to, or at least i used to, type like that in middle school?) here are my eats for el dia. 

oh, herro.

hey, halfacuppa oats with two tbsp of golden raisins and a quarter cup of walnuts (which tasted weird). oh, and half of a grapefruit (i just can’t get enough  of them this season). i brought a bowl to the office and i must say, i prefer to eating out of this than tupperware! 

lunch was… predictable. white bean soup and the other half of my grapefruit was enjoyed alongside some lost. my friend has made me start watching it, and i must say 5 episodes into the series, it’s looking like it’s going to be pretty addicting. 

i included a little girl picking her nose to liven up the scene.

 snackeroo was a good ol’ granny smith and my usual mug of green tea, and then i hightailed it to the gym where i knew i had to tackle four miles. and i did it! it wasn’t easy because i’m still battling a little bit of congestion – in fact i’m pretty sure the people on either side of my were grossed out by my constant nose blowing – but i did it, and my legs felt great. i ran 4 miles in 40.27, and completed a total mileage 4.5 miles in 50 min. some stretching and some abs later i was ready to GO HOME. my lower back has been feeling weird, so i didn’t push it but know i have to up my workout intensity. all in due time. 

on the way home, i was wracking my brain with something to eat for dinner. i have groceries, but nothing sounded appealing. i hate when that happens! i was overheated and was craving something cold… and it hit me. presenting: my first green monster/smoothie in a bowl! 

my first!

 this is 1 cup of 1% cows milk (i was going to use rice milk, but we have a half gallon to use up quickly), half a packet of jay robb chocolate protein powder, a frozen, normal sized banana, a scoop of amazing grass powder and some spinach – i wanted to put more in but it was on its last last legs. oh, and some ice. i topped it with 1/2 a cup of fiber one caramel delight which tastes like a mixture of cinnamon toast crunch and golden grahams. i’m not going to pretend that half way through, i didn’t go back for the other half a cup.

oh, my! this. was. utterly. delicious. like a chocolate banana dessert smoothie! it left me feeling 100% satiated, and good. this will definitely be a repeat offender. and bonus, it was the quickest dinner prep ever! i was dreading having to wait for my sweet potato to bake. also consumed were a handful or two of wasabi peas while movie watching. my house has a weird thing for those little nuggets of goodness.
wasabi peas and pickles are my absolute favorite snacks, what are yours?

One response to “randy.

  1. Yum, so many good things! Sorry the walnuts tasted a little funk in your oatmeal.

    I love popcorn and pretzel crisps for a snack, but they’re really addicting!

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