all around the world.

yup, just like this. boogie down!

today was long — tried to wake up early to go to the gym and just could not get out of bed. can someone help me get better at this? how do you all work out before work? after resetting my alarm and resnuggling, i woke up at 8 and prettified with some rachel maddow (her podcast is free!), and a cup of coffee. was extra slow this morning.

breakfast was extra fergalicious delicious this morning –

mr. barney got all melty

smushed naner, 1/2 cup of oats, packet of barney butter, and 2 tbsp golden raisins. true story, i don’t like black raisins and never have. i worked some more, ran some errands at lunch and have a phone meeting so i didn’t get to have lunch until 3ish. let me spare you the surprise, lunch was leftover white bean and kale soup and an orange. almost done with my soup stash, finally!

de ja vu?

snacky and caffeine pick me up:

half eaten manzana, ha.

i worked late tonight and was anxious about stuff i had to get done at home – don’t laugh, but it was folding my laundry and putting it away, cooking dinner and painting my nails. because i work out after work, i feel as if i don’t have down time at home, which is another reason i’m really trying to work out in the morning. since i worked until 8, i skipped home and made some dinner after folding and putting away laundry. i was STARVING as i was preparing my meal, so i snacked on a huge carrot dipped in salsa. i also wanted salty salty salty salty but was all out of pickles, so i had a mug full of chicken broth. true but weird story, i have been drinking chicken broth since i was a little girl.

this is a small bowl, i swear.

i broiled an entire block of tofu marinated in sesame oil, soy, garlic powder and chili flake and served myself about 1/4 a block. i also sauteed 1/4 onion in olive oil, added 2 canned plum tomatoes, broccoli and peas and carrots. finished with a scoop of tomato sauce and a heavy handed shake of parm… all around the world with an italian and asian dinner! i have had a serious case of snackitis tonight, so i’m currently sipping on some sugar sleigh tea with a dash of milk and splenda and a 100 calorie pack of popcorn.

i AM going to wake up and go to the gym tomorrow. i have to, because i have plans tomorrow night!

until later, gators.


4 responses to “all around the world.

  1. Ha I totally stress about folding laundry. Once I was out with my friend and put off going home because I knew I was going to have to put sheets on the bed!

  2. love rachel maddow! and the looks of that tofu – i have been too scared to try tofu at home, but people make it look so easy!

  3. as rob schneider poignantly pronounced in waterboy, “you can do it!” marinade, broil until slightly crispy/brown, and flip!

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