…and we’re back!

much like the message that comes up when gchat unintentionally disconnects. sorry for lack of posting, the weekend magically happened. friends were in town, drinks were consumed, dancing commenced, soccer was played (i scored 4 goals!) hockey was watched (ryan miller, you are the man). all the makings of a wonderful two days.

today is march first! fit february was kind of a disaster (read: i was great for the first two weeks and ate donuts for the last two, but really) so i’m letting march 2010 ease its way into the universe without any expectations. that being said, my race is in 6 weeks and it’s time to kick myself into high gear.

today was a good day. started off with some tropical overnight oats – 1/2 c. oats, 1/2 plain yog, frozen mango chunks, 1/4 c. walnuts. and of course, coffee with soy.

with a side of file folders.

i worked like a good girl all morning until it was time for my dentist appointment. now, i usually love going to the dentist because i’m blessed with great teeth, so every time i go i get lauded for how well i take care of them and how nice they are. it’s a nice little pat on the back from some place that is usually dreaded. today, though, dun dun dun….. THEY FOUND MY FIRST CAVITY. i was distressed. at least i can say i didn’t get a cavity until i was 22 years old, and at least they’re teeny-tiny. but still. i busted it back to work so i could eat lunch (it was 3!) and warmed up some leftover white bean soup – just.so.good – and had it with an orange.

so it's pretty obvious that i overuse postits, huh.

also, say hi to my office! it’s making its debut on le blog. i skipped out of work and headed to the gym, where i banged out a hard three miles in 29.50 (it was hard. and it was 3 miles. whatever, at least i did it) and did a total body lift utilizing the “express line” that nysc/wsc offer. i finished up with some stretching and some abs. on mondays, i usually play ping pong and go to that trendy sushi place, but i wasn’t feeling it tonight. i wanted to be in bed by 10:30 (blogging from bed right now, as a matter of fact!) so i could watch friday night lights (i’m on season 3) and get a good nights sleep. enter the quickest meal ever:

i am bad at taking pictures. sowwy.

a mahi mahi burger (whole foods brand) with copious amounts of dijon mustard and fettucine alfredo, aka a bag of tofu shirataki noodles with 2 laughing cow wedges (excessive, but i wanted it), a small scoop of plain yog, some parmesan cheese and peas and broccoli. both were delicious – i highly recommend the mahi mahi burgers for a quick and ridiculously tasty meal option. dessert was a few raisins, until i realized i wasn’t feeling them.

now, it’s 10:42 pm. i’m clean, i’m in bed, and i can’t wait to cozy up. is it weird that i dream of sleep during the day? kinda think so.

does anyone else fantasize about their beddie-bies all day? the thought of snuggling up into clean sheets keeps me moving.



One response to “…and we’re back!

  1. Mmm I love tropical oats but I have never done mango before!! Going to have to try that!

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