it’s currently 2:42 am. and i am awake. the wind is howling outside my bedroom and the wind-chimes that i usually find charming are spastically flailing about in a way that is spooky. today, or yesterday i guess, was an alright day. things are starting to look up, i think! spent the day jamming to florence and the machine, i cannot get enough of their song howl.

eats started off with the best of intentions, but quickly transformed into too much dinner. when i’m feeling under the weather (gah! cold/headache go away!) i crave carbs, and while i know our bodies require carbs and i could never give up oatmeal, i need to reevaluate what the right amount for my body is.

i’m happy it’s going to be friday morning when i wake up. i need the weekend almost as much as i need to get my life back together again.

a demain, mademoiselles.


One response to “awake.

  1. Mm, love Florence! Hope your weekend was restful.

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