funk master flex.

so, i’ve been in a pretty steady funk for the past two weeks or so. at first, i was really taken by surprise because i’m generally someone who is able to deal with it and move on, but this one has stuck.

i’m attributing it to a new skin medication i’m taking – “depression,” or whatever, is the main side effect and knowing that something is causing this funk, that it’s not actually me, is comforting. that, combined with my monthly friend and being sick has led to a lot of  “ah! what am i doing! why aren’t i happy! i just want to wear sweatpants and drink tea and eat ice cream!” (well actually frozen yogurt – raspberry swirled with vanilla is my favorite).

so, if that explains my lack of posting/lack of posting anything interesting, forgive me. i know my blog is just starting, but i would appreciate it if everyone stuck with me while i figure out my life in this weird phase. hopefully, i can get the medicine tweaked to have a less severe effect on me, because frankly, feeling this way sucks. a lot.

i had to be at work early this morning for a meeting, and when i woke up, all i wanted was CHOCOLATE. weird. so instead of you know, doing the healthy thing and having oatmeal with a few chocolate chips, or you know something else to quell the craving, i had not one, but two and a half donuts. entemanns. they’re not even good and WHY are they in my house? sigh. at work i had two cups of tea – lemon and mint – each with honey to coat my throat and around 11, had an orange for some extra vitamin c.

lunch was a mish mosh – small side greek salad with a taste of non mayonaisey pasta salad, a small chicken rice soup, and some steamed cauliflower with a smidge of mashed potatoes. i gotta start bringing my lunch again. saves dollas and calories! and usually tastes better.

i left work early (half an hour) because i couldn’t breathe and was getting dizzy looking at a computer screen and stopped by the library on the way home. yay, new books! i got some lighter reads because i’m currently reading a dense book and need a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to mix it up.

dinner was roasted brussels, some wheat thins and a quorn “chicken” patty, and dessert was a homeade brownie with some froyo. i’m feeling all around better today, and am hoping tomorrow will be a sunny day, both literally and figuratively.

and because i’m lacking pictures as of late, PUPPIES!:

watchu talkin' bout, willis?


2 responses to “funk master flex.

  1. Sorry you’ve been feeling blue. When I feel like that I know I SHOULD make an effort to socialize, but all I really want to do is lie in bed and veg. Feel better :-)

  2. thanks, girl! went out…..good to have some fresh air, in all senses.

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