been neglecting the blog, sorry! been trying not to neglect my health. whatever bug i thought i was coming down with is still threatening to take over my body! i refuse.  it’s lingering in the back of my throat and my sinuses, so i can’t really breathe. if i can’t really breathe, i can’t really work out. which kind of sucks because i think it would make me feel better.

i’ve been consuming oj, veggies, plain whole wheat pasta, eggies. simple foods in hopes that i will get better. being sick really puts a damper on my emotional health, too. i’m a very strong minded person, but for some ridiculous reason, being sick absolutely flattens me.

sorry for my lack of posting, things have been a little up in the air on my end. i hope to return to regular posting soon…

hope all is well with all of you! stay healthy!


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