‘ello mates! yes, it is friday night. and yes, i am sitting on my couch watching tivoed episodes of intervention. as i said yesterday, i was not feeling well at all. i took it easy, and woke up this morning feeling worse for the wear. oh, no. my throat was tight and scratchy and my glands were swollen… i refuse to get fully sick. power to the people immune system!

i had an early morning – an 8 am doctor’s appt – and while getting up early wasn’t fun, once i was up, i was up… and i loved looking at my watch and seeing how much i had gotten done before the time i usually get up. i smell a waking up early challenge!

i got to work and just itching for some vitamin c. i really wanted vitamin water 10, but couldn’t find any, so i settled on a vitamin c skinny water, eh, was very sweet and kind of artificial tasting. i also had 3/4 c. 4% cottage cheese and a piece of multigrain toast with a smidge o’ butta.

lunch was going to be the soup i made last night, but the thought of it made me nauseous. turns out, everything made me nauseous and i was sick at work twice. i felt like i was in elementary school again, only i couldn’t go home for a sick day. i forced down half of a turkey and avocado wrap for lunch with some roasted vegetables on the side, and worked away for the rest of the afternoon. then, i started seeing floating black spots in front of my eyes and though, well this isn’t good, and left work as soon as i could. i picked up some chicken noodle soup from whole foods (which was gross, by the way, i couldn’t eat it), and came home and immediately put on my pjs. sigh. one of my best friends from high school is in town this weekend and i’m bummed i can’t go out with her tonight.

looks nondescript but is delicious.

look at all those meals!

i also wanted to highlight this soup i made last night on the fly. after i soaked the beans, i softened half of an onion in olive oil and when translucent, added chicken broth, the beans, a bay leaf, cayenne, garlic powder, salt, chili flake and lemon juice. i let it come to a boil and then simmered it for almost 2 hours so the beans would absorb a lot of broth. once it the beans were 100% tender, almost creamy, i transferred half of the soup to a blender and pureed half, adding them back in to make the soup extra thick and luxurious. i then added an entire bunch of washed and chopped kale and let it steam in the soup. delicious, healthy, filling and so easy. look at all those meals i have waiting for me! i put a lot of the tupperware into the freezer so i can defrost it for a quick meal.

this is a long post, but i wanted to share something from an article i read today on my lunch break. MeMe Roth is the founder of National Action Against Obesity, which is a good thing… but her tactics are a little scary and belligerent. she was profiled a while ago in elle and while the article was interesting, one quote in particular stood out to me:

“The experience of someone who is obese is totally unlike the experience of someone who is just trying to lose 10 or 15 pounds.”

this put things into perspective for me today. i want to lose 20 lbs. for my happiness, not my health. i am fortunate enough to have my health, i am fortunate enough to have strong legs and strong arms, i am fortunate enough to be able to afford proper nourishment and also have the education to know how to properly take care of myself. whenever i start to doubt myself from now on, i’m going to think of this quote to remind myself of how much easier i have it than other people. my finish line is in view, and i just have to have the discipline to get there.

on that (downer?) note, i’m going to watch an episode of intervention and then get into bed early so i can kick this stomach bug/sore throat thang i have going on.

have a nice weekend, erryone!


One response to “twerk.

  1. Hope you’re feeling better!

    I love making big batches of things over the weekend (like soup, grains, oatmeal) that I can eat throughout the week when I don’t have so much time.

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