today was a decidedly better day than yesterday. woke up to a phone call at 7:00 telling me my appointment had been canceled again, but hey, at least i found out before this time. and i got an extra hour of sleep! it was another nutty day in the office – so much so that i didn’t finish my breakfast of overnight oats with peanut butter and banana and coffee with soy until 11:30… so essentially i had a weekday brunch. lovely!

lunch was a large cup of vegan cream of broccoli soup (served upstairs in my cafeteria, how cool is that?) with a small side salad of mixed greens, feta, onions, grilled veg and tomatoes. i started feeling droopy in the afternoon and my throat started getting that weird itchy sore feeling, but i refuse to get sick!

i had a random craving for some suga, so i quelled my sweet tooth with a viactiv and half of a cherry pie larabar. i also had 3 melba whole wheat toasts (1 serving) with a laughing cow wedge. instead of hitting the gym, i made the executive decision to make today my rest day instead of tomorrow,  head to whole foods to get some emergen-c packs and some kale for the soup that is currently simmering away on the stove… mmm white bean kale soup! pics/recipe posted tomorrow.

once i walked in my front door, i morphed into a mad woman. while my beans were quick soaking – boil dry beans for 2 minutes, then turn heat off and let soak for an hour – i cleaned the kitchen and living room, loaded the dishwasher and made breakfast and snack for tomorrow. i picked up dinner at whole foods:

small plate. ginger there for size reference.

this is sesame tofu pasta salad with a few pieces of penne pesto. i also had a few bites of brown rice. i am a carb monster when i am under the weather. not helping is the fact that my little friend all us girls have is coming in the next few days…. to satiate that beast i had a jumble cookie from whole foods. oh and also a swiss miss mocha. cool man, real cool. i enjoyed this random meal with a lovely cocktail:

me so classy.

an emergen-c shot! mmm i am a big believer in drowning my body in vitamin c when i start to feel sick. vitamin c, sleep and water. tomorrow is friday, so i can’t get sick. getting sick on the weekend is worse than missing the holiday party in elementary school. for real. even though i’ve only worked out the past two days, i’m starting to feel healthier and feel my body get stronger. i am SORE today from all that ab and back work yesterday, and it feels good to know i’m working my body again.

i’m currently watching women’s snowboarding… all these ladies are so badass. and hot. i’m loving up these winter games. is anyone else obsessively watching the olympics? what sports are you getting the most involved in? i had to stop watching speed skating and downhill skiing because i get so nervous for the americans, i am a dork.

hasta manana, chicas.


One response to “tranquilizar.

  1. Good for you for taking a rest day! I was supposed to run 7 miles yesterday but ended up relaxing instead and running this morning.

    Have a great weekend!

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