the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

remember this lil’ one?


yeah. i had a day juuuust like his, except mine didn’t involve allowance. i am trying not to dwell on it, and i think i have done a very healthy job of  moving on, but i’m still worked up and manic (lethal combo!) so i’m just trying to relax and watching the olympics.

i’m not going to go into the details, because frankly they will bore you, but let’s just say it involved a lot of miscommunication, standing in the cold for a long time, a rescheduled dermatologist appointment, no lunch break, and getting blamed for a lot of things at work (that truly were not my fault, i’m not even kidding). i, along with my coworkers were basically told we never should have been hired, among other things. ok. alright.  it was basically a corporate power play and something that i never want to be involved in again. at least i know i do my job thoroughly and handle the ton of responsibility that falls on my shoulders with aplomb.

to combat the feeling of oh em gee i want to KILL someone i channeled myself into my work. i was running all over like a crazy person and got so much done. so take that! i also relied on my healthy eats to keep my energy up and was excited to hit the gym after work to blow off some steam.

My eats for the day…

<3 tupperware.

Breakfast was the usual overnight oats (1/2 c. oats, 1/2 c. yogurt, pb) but was missing crunch or sweetness or something when i took my first bite at the office, so i added a pinch of splenda and around 7 raw almonds. better! i also had a grapefruit and coffee with soy milk. lunchers was 1/2 c. quinoa, broccoli and a leftover veggie burger from last night doused in soy sauce and mustard. what can i say? i love my condiments. snacktime was a small golden delicious apple and that light babybel, enjoyed alongside a mug of green tea.

i stayed at work a little late, tying up some loose ends and dreading the amount of work i have to get done tomorrow. i hit the gym, and to my dismay it was packed. just another thing i needed! waiting 15 minutes for a treadmill! today was a light training day, but i was determined to make it count. i ran 2 miles in 19:25 (fast for me) at an incline of 1.5%. i usually run at a 1.0% incline, and i felt that extra .5. i really wanted to do another 20 minutes of cross training, but all the machines were taken (ugh) so i headed to the weight area. i did back and obliques on that thingy where you lift your torso up holding a 10 lb dumbbell, 2 sets of 20 pushups, abs and leg/butt work, stretched and then came home. i was in one of those moods, though, where EVERYTHING sets me off…people gabbing at the gym and being in my way, people not observing the line for the machines… i hate these moods. i get in them far more often than i would like.

i was eager to get home to make dinner and watch the olympics with boy roommates #1 and #2. i made my standard comfort meal, although it wasn’t as good as i remember it. maybe i made it differently or something.

mmm greens.

that’s mixed greens tossed with evoo, lemon juice and salt, and a bag of tofu shirataki noodles with 3 meatless balls and their “crumbs,” a laughing cow wedge, a scoop of 4% cottage cheese, broccoli, some canned tomatoes and 1/2 c. of roasted vegetable tomato sauce. i’m probably going to have some sugar cookie sleigh tea and a sugar free fruit cup (remember those!) while i paint my nails and try to decompress from my day.

i always feel a rise in my chest and usually just want to hit something  (like a desk or something) or scream when i get really angry and frustrated, but know there has to be a healthier way. how do you deal with your anger and frustration when it’s out of your hands?


One response to “the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

  1. i go for a long walk or call my mom to vent ;)

    My mom and I both have a deal that the other person can call and just fly off the handle – it really helps!

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