my momma always told me

… to not put plastic in the microwave. oops. that advice would have bode well for my oats in a jar this morning. i was very excited to have my first experience — it’s not every day you have an almost empty peanut butter jar lying around. case in point:


<<<turned into this >>>

oh hey, deformed jar.

After my failed attempt, I put my oats in in a bowl and topped them with a mix of dried blueberries, cherries, cranberries and grapes (all fancy for raisins, duh). accompanied by a grapefruit, which kath taught me how to cut correctly. mmm. just what i needed after a very late night.

look at my vitamins, teehee.

one of my best friends is coming to visit me this weekend, which will always guarantee a wonderful time. we’re going to wine, dine and dance. oh and have LOTS of girl time, because really, what is better? valentine’s day is going to be bottle(s) or red wine, valentine’s day (the movie), and lots of laughs. because we all should spend the day with someone we love, even if it’s not a significant other.

hope your weekends are lovely, “see you” monday!


2 responses to “my momma always told me

  1. hey!
    i just came across your blog and i can’t wait to keep reading!
    i would love it if you could check out mine and follow :)

  2. thanks for reading, jenna! i of course will start following yours… what is a morning without catching up on all the blogs?

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