this how we do it.

Another snow day up in hurr. Determined to not be a complete bum for two days in a row, I got up early (for me on a day with no work) at 8:30, put my laundry away and worked on a work assignment for about 2 hours while sipping on dos cups of black coffee. Maybe that has something to do with my energy today! After cleaning the living room and the kitchen, I whipped myself up a breakfast, but really lunch, of an orange, an egg (with Franks, obviously), and a piece of ezekiel bread (the heel! the best part!) with a wedge of laughing cow and some smoked salmon.

with a nice snowy background for ya. that's my back porch, buried.

I read some blogs/the paper (Alexander McQueen! what!) and crossed some things off of my to do list while eating and then jammed to some Arcade Fire while baking some sugar cookies. It’s snowy and cold outside. And baking is fun. And I live with two men who love me more than usual when I make them cookies. Plus, they eat like seventeen in one sitting. This is how we bake in my house:

yes. that is a pot. as my bowl. and yes, a mixer with one spool. alright, alright.

So. While today is a better day mentally, I still am on my fifth day of not working out. And have not been eating as well as I normally do. To be honest, this is for TOTAL lack of trying and caring, which is absurd. First of all, I have a TEN MILE race in April. Maybe I should stick to my training plan for more than a week at a time? Second of all, I am happier and feel 500% better when I take care of myself. And by take care of myself, I mean not eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and half a bar of dark chocolate just because I feel like it.

Because I know I’ve been holding you suspense (not), here are my “get real” goals. Time for some tough love, people.

1) Stop kidding yourself. Just because I run x miles, or because I had a hard day, or because I have a split end, or because a squirrel looked at me funny, eating a pint of ice cream and too many handfuls of tortilla chips day after day is not ok and will have an affect on your weight loss goals.

2) Remember how great you feel when you take care of yourself. This should be a no brainer. I wonder why it’s so hard to remember. After I finish a great run and a kickass strength workout  I feel like I run this town.

3) Don’t set yourself up for failure. A bar of dark chocolate. Pita chips. Yeah, don’t buy ’em.

4) Lose the all or nothing mindset. This is going to be the hardest for me. Normally, it’s 100% good, to the point if I have “dessert” of some plain yogurt and peanut butter I feel guilty, or 100% bad, where it’s like, oops! I had a treat! Might as well have 17.65 treats! And maybe more!

5) Just do it. Yeah, this last one I borrowed from Nike. I’ve run out of excuses to not. I started this blog to keep myself accountable, and this past week has been one long YOU ARE NOT BEING ACCOUNTABLE spree. I owe it to you, and more than anything I owe it to me.

Anyone with me??

The sun is out. The snow is sparkling. I’m dancing up a storm and am planning to read the afternoon away. I will make things better for myself.

Until later, snowmen.


One response to “this how we do it.

  1. Hope you reach your goals! Although… a snow day is kind of like a free pass, no? And they don’t come as often as they should.

    So sad about Alexander McQueen :-(

    Have a great weekend!

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